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Convener: Chuck Dahm, OP (St. Albert)


The Catholic Church and Immigration Reform address by Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington (November, 2009)

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Justice for Immigrants Office
Justice for Immigrants Calendar for Action 2010
Postcard Campaign Order form (Word)
Instructions on Postcard Campaign (Word)

Continuum of Action




Promote USCCB Justice for Immigrants principles:

Provide a path to permanent residency and citizenship for all members of our communities

Reunite families and reduce backlogs of applicants

Provide temporary workers with guaranteed labor protections

Respect the safety and security of the border
Recognize immigrants’ full humanity

Protect the rights of refugees and those seeking asylum

Promote long-term solutions

Share stories and reports in these areas.

Justice promoters in each congregation


Track Immigration Legislation via websites:

Recommend the following

InterFaith Immigration
Immigration Forum
Reforming Immigration
Justice for Immigrants

Justice Promoters of OP congregations

Seek support from faith leaders, business owners and leaders (e.g. Chambers of Commerce), community leaders (principals, presidents of boards, etc.), politicians at every level (e.g. city, country, party leaders, etc.)

Endorse what the local governments are saying doing that promotes Immigration reform

Justice Promoters of congregations

Send repeated messages to the President and targeted Congresspersons in order to establish new Immigration Reform 2009-2010

Make use of the new
text 69866 and then add the message “justice”, without quotation marks. After texting that message, the sender will receive a text back thanking them and asking for their zip code.  They should type in their zip code as well as their email and send it back.

Way to keep updated on Immigration reform