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Israel Palestine Conflict

Statement on Water Inadequacy for the Palestinians
Approved by the North American Justice Promoters, March 9, 2013

The United Nations has declared March 22 as the first World Water Day. Responding to this call, we, the North American Dominican Justice Promoters, call attention to the daily struggle for water of the people of Palestine.

Israeli settlements, which are illegal under international law and consensus1, have robbed the Palestinians of water, cutting off access to their natural springs and siphoning off the supplies of their aquifer. This leaves West Bank Palestinians with an average of 73 liters per person each day2, well below the3 recommended 100 liters minimum. By contrast, West Bank settlements receive up to 400 liters per person each day, and many use this water to maintain swimming pools and spas.4

A recent UN report on settlements states, “Forcible takeovers and vandalism by settlers increasingly impair access to water. Some of the seized springs are turned into ‘tourist attractions’ or recreational sites, which receive Israeli government support.”5 In Gaza, the lack of potable water has reached crisis proportions.

Only 5 percent of the water there is drinkable, and since 2007 Israel has prohibited the entry of material to rehabilitate the water and wastewater systems of Gaza,6 even after Israeli attacks destroyed such facilities during bombing attacks in 2008 and 2012.

We are grieved by this injustice, and call for the return of both water and land rights to those from whom these have been wrongfully taken.


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  2. World Bank, “West Bank and Gaza Assessment of Restrictions on Palestinian Water Sector Development,” April 2009, paragraph 130.
  3. World Health Organization
  4. UN Human Rights Council “Report of Independent Fact-Finding Mission on Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,” Jan. 2013, paragraph 85
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  6. B’tselem (Israeli Human Rights Organization), August , 2010, “Water Supplied in Gaza Unfit for Drinking.”

Dominican Statement on Gaza

We are deeply disturbed by Israel’s “Pillar of Defense” attacks on Gaza. We call for an immediate end to the air strikes and naval bombing into Gaza as well as for an end to the ongoing siege of Gaza. We also call for an end of the rocket attacks from Gaza aimed into communities in Israel, which will not bring peace and security to the area.

We support nonviolence and urge President Obama to condemn these attacks and to use his presidential power to insist that Israel and the elected government of Gaza pursue all diplomatic measures possible for the sake of life, safety, and security for all involved.

According to Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin, Israel broke an informal ceasefire on Wednesday by assassinating Hamas military commander Ahmed Jabari in an air strike. Gershon revealed that Jabari was assassinated just hours after he received the draft of a permanent truce agreement with Israel, which included mechanisms for maintaining the ceasefire.

This assassination triggered more violence on those who year after year suffer under the illegal siege of Gaza, and threatens the safety and well-being of the Israelis as well.

We urge President Obama to end military aid to Israel and to urge Israel to end the siege of Gaza for the good of Israeli Jews as well as the Palestinian people.

Dominican Justice Promoters of New Jersey and New York
Amityville: Pat DeMarco. OP
Blauvelt: Joan Agro, OP & Ceil Lavan, OP
Caldwell: de Montfort, OP
Hope: Pat Jelly, OP & Associate Florence Kissane
Sparkill: Eileen Gannon, OP

U.S. Dominican Palestine Coordinating Committee
Pat Chaffee, OP
Durstyne Farnan, OP
Stella Goodpasture, OP
Ceil Lavan, OP
Christopher Matthias
Roberta Miller, OP
Bernie Wombacher, OP

North American Dominican Co-Promoters of Justice, Peace and Care of Creation
Lucieanne Siers, OP
Chuck Dahm, OP

Dominican NGO Representative
Margaret Mayce, OP

Dominican Sisters of Houston
Ceil Roeger, OP


U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

Council on Foreign Relations: Palestinian Statehood at the UN

UN Briefing Aug. 10, 2011: “Examining the request for statehood for Palestine,” by Sister Margaret Mayce, OP, NGO in Special Consultative Status at the United Nations


Martin Luther King’s words live in Palestinian city
January 15, 2011

An Open Letter from Gaza: Two Years after the Massacre, a Demand for Justice
December 27, 2010

Video: Experience of one Palestine family

Petition: U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, a national coalition working to collect 22,000 signatures in 22 days

Message from Palestine Coordinating Committee: Dominicans encouraged to support boat to Gaza


Why Boycott Motorola? (PDF)
Sabeel Palestinian Christian community
Jerusalem Sabeel Document.




ADVENT: use the Thursdays of Advent to focus attention and prayer on the people of Palestine. We will join our effort with the Sabeel
Wave of Prayer.
Sabeel Wave of Prayer.
Use this prayer each day

Support the Goldstone Report

The continued attacks on the Goldstone Report prevent accountability
for the civilian victims before, during and after the attack on Gaza --
both Palestinians and Israelis -- and shred the rule of law.

Please tell the Israeli government, the media, US Congress and
Richard Goldstone that you support the Goldstone Report.

I support the Goldstone Report.

The Bill Moyers' Richard Goldstone interview and other important
information is at this link.  I support the Goldstone Report.

All Justice Promoters


Tell your Member of Congress to Oppose H.Res 876

H.Res 867 was recently introduced in the House of Representatives. This
resolution calls on the U.S. to ignore the Goldstone Report which details
violations of international law by both sides during the recent assault on Gaza.
I urge you to write your representative asking them to oppose this resolution
and call for the Israelis and Palestinians to launch credible, independent
investigations of these violations.

Email your representtive using this link



On November 4th, 2008 the Israeli military broke a four-month cease-fire
with Hamas. Low-low intensity warfare and an ongoing crippling siege then continued until Israel's Dec. 27-Jan 18 assault on the Gaza Strip.
Today, the situation in Gaza has deteriorated even further, with 1.5 million civilians continuing to live amidst rubble, dependent on
inadequate UN food deliveries, lacking even hearing aids and school

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drafting your letter, contact information for media outlets, and examples to
inspire you.

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Palestine Coordinating Committee
Teresa Auad, OP
Dusty Farnan,OP
Stella Goodpasture, OP
Ceil Lavan, OP
Chris Matthias
Bernie Wombacher, OP