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Education and Action for Nonviolence
Convener: Ceil Roeger, OP (Houston)

RESOURCES (books see below for more)

Creating Just Language from The Eighth Day Center for Justice
NonViolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg
Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone, Bruce Palton and Sheila Heen
Penguin Books, 1999
IS THERE NO OTHER WAY? The Search for a Nonviolent Future
by Michael Nagler, Berkley Hills Books, Berkley, California
The Steps of Nonviolence by Michael Nagler, Fellowship Publications,
Walton Printing, Bronx, New York
From Violence to Wholeness: a ten part process in the spirituality and practice of active nonviolence by Ken Butigan in collaboration with Patricia Bruno, OP, Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service
THE PEACE BOOK, 108 simple ways to create a more peaceful world by Louise Diamond, Conari Press, Berkley, California
Nonviolence in the Christian Tradition by Gerard Vanderhaar published by Pax Christi
A New Moment: An Invitation to Nonviolence published by Pax Christi

Continuum of Action




Become aware of words of violence used in everyday conversation.

Discuss with community, co-workers/housemates and make a pact to let others know when violent language is used in ordinary conversation.

Provide resources i.e.  Booklet from 8th Day Center for Justice.  Include examples from booklet in community newsletters/communications

Read articles/books on nonviolent communication/behavior

Discuss and reflect on personal behaviors and desires to change

Provide a list of resources
Organize and/or facilitate study groups

Develop a spirituality of nonviolent living


Practice active nonviolence

Organize the process for “From Violence to Wholeness” (10 part process in the spirituality and practice of active nonviolence

Educate youth

Engage Dominican schools in education for nonviolence

Develop a curriculum on nonviolent education and behaviors

School bullying

Advocate for legislation and school policies that address school bullying behaviors

Raise public awareness through letters to the editor and discussion groups

Awareness of how media perpetuates violence especially via cartoons/jokes

Do not pass on offensive emails to others.  Send them back to persons who sent to you with a note about developing nonviolent way of living

Raise public awareness though letters to the editors

Notice the violence we often do to ourselves through over-commitment

Spend time taking care of self through meditation/prayer

Model for others ways of caring for self

Become aware of others groups that model/participate in nonviolent activities, i.e. Women in Black, Decade of Nonviolence, Michigan Peace Team, Pax Christi

Network with them
Advocate for the closing of SOA/WHINSEC

Communicate and participate in activities sponsored by these groups.

Heighten our awareness for nonviolent living

Attend and participate in workshops and role playing activities

Organize workshops; provide speakers and exercises for the practice of nonviolent communication and living.

Address violence in the neighborhood

Be in solidarity with the victim(s) of violent actions as well as the perpetrator(s)
“Hate the sin but not the sinner.”
Work to abolish the death penalty

Counter articles/letters/media reports that demonize the perpetrator(s) with letters to the editor etc.


Steven Wirth, facilitator and curriculum, Center for Contemplative Dialogue

Kathy Kelly or any staff from Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Christian Peacemaker Team members

Grand Rapid Dominican Sisters, Carol Gilbert & Ardeth Platte and Jackie Hudson

Pace e Bene staff

Women for Peace in Palestine/Israel

Turning the Tide website