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Justice After War: Iraq
Convener: Dusty Farnan, OP

January 2010 Iraq Now: Justice After War

IraqThe smile
of one child, the tears of one parent, the grateful joy of one grandmother – these are the satisfactions of the refugee resettlement worker in the U.S. It is rewarding to assist the 35,000Iraqis who have made their way to the U.S. in the past three years... READ MORE


Letter to Secretary Clinton on Iraqi Christians
Bishop Howard J. Hubbard, July 28, 2009

What are the polls saying about Iraq?

Refugees International tracks the exodus of Iraqi citizens

Electronic Iraq

Continuum of Action




Stay in touch with EPIC

Quarterly talk with EPIC to assess situation on Iraq 4th Thursday of the month

Dusty Farnan *
Write story for Domlife and communicate outcome to ICC


Develop monthly alerts on Iraqi Refugees

Distribute to OP family via Domlife

ICC  Develop a scheme of who will create the monthly update for Domlife

Update Domlife quarterly On Iraq Justice Page

ICC members will look at Domlife website via Live Video together on the 4th Wed., of the month time to be determined.

Dusty will convene meeting on the computer


Call a Live Video Session 2 x a year to discuss the status of Iraqi Refugees
October and March

Provide instructions on how to use technology
Send invitation to all OP’s for time and date of meeting
RSVP  two weeks prior to Live Meeting
Invite international OP’s to be part of this
Ask UN reps to be part of this for input from them.

Beth Murphy and Arlene Flaherty will be the conveners


In local areas OP’s research in local areas, CRS, Catholic Charities and other organizations who may be working with Iraqi refugees

Possible presentation by these agencies to the congregation on the issue.

Share outcome with OP via a story on Domlife.
Inform the ICC what is happening in the local area in order to update website with fresh information

Re-issue  prayer for Iraq

Invite OP to write a story on the prayer and re-introduce to congregations via Domlife

ICC will take lead to invite an OP to write story to accompany the reissuing of the prayer.