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Dominicans Act on behalf of Justice, Peace and Care of Creation

Dominicans around the United States are deeply concerned for issues of peace and justice in this country and around the world. The justice effort of the Dominican Order is organized through an international commission and Domincans in the United States participate in that worldwide network.

The Dominican Call to Action document describes the priority issues of justice and peace for North American Dominicans. It is updated annually and will be revisited in its full context in July, 2006. This represents the work of justice and peace promoters in the United States and Canada.Justice promoters in each congregation and province advocate on a number of issues in collaboration with lots of other groups through political, economic and civic processes.

Care of creation is the context out of which flows all that we do as Dominican Justice Promoters. Read the United Nations Earth Charter (PDF) for background information. (Read the Earth Charter in Spanish)

As Dominicans we:
challenge the systems that dominate and oppress our world;
• preach truth that liberates all;
• study the interrelatedness of all;
• pray to sustain hope;
• encourage a life style that fosters equitable and mutually enhancing life for Earth community.

These pages will be updated as the Dominican Call to Action document is revised.

Click here
to download a PDF version of the Dominican Call to Action document.

(To open a PDF document, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you need it, click the icon follow the prompts. It is free, safe and secure).

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