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Iraq Coordinating Committee Urges Voters to Call for a Change of Course in Iraq

RIVER FOREST, IL [10/10/06]-- As the mid-term congressional elections get closer, the Iraq Coordinating Committee (ICC) is urging citizens to speak out and ask questions of political candidates about the war in Iraq.

The ICC met with Dominican Sister Diana Momeka, OP, a native of Iraq who is presently in the US. She described the current situation in the country, noting that US troops are a magnet for violence, especially in Baghdad, where the killing and suicide bombings are concentrated. Sr. Diana said that most Iraqis believe that the situation in the country cannot get any worse than it is now and that US troop withdrawal would be a first step in reducing violence and bloodshed.

Newsweek recently reported that a Princeton University poll indicated that 58% of Americans surveyed said that they were not confident that the US government could establish a stable democratic form of government in Iraq over the long term. In the same poll, 64 percent said we were losing ground in US efforts to establish security and democracy in Iraq

The Iraq Coordinating Committee believes that as long as US troops are present in the country, anti-American forces will continue to perpetrate violence and bloodshed leaving Iraqi citizens more and more vulnerable.

Meeting recently in Adrian, MI, the ICC is calling on justice promoters to encourage their members to urge a change of course in Iraq. The ICC continues to call for military withdrawal from the country -- which grows deeper into civil war and chaos each week. As President Bush insists that America stays the course and accuses opponents of a cut and run policy, the Iraq Coordinating Committee recognizes that another way is possible, changing course in Iraq will open the door to a reduction in violence over the long haul and will push the Iraqi government to take greater control over the country.

The committee urges citizens to question potential candidates for public office and send letters to the editor of local papers expressing their views.

Sample Letter to the Editor

Questions to Ask Political Candidates

Read full statement of the Iraq Coordinating Committee

Perspectives on Iraq

A series of articles and reflections that explore
the human, cultural and economic impact
of war on the people of Iraq.

September, 2006
The Intimacies of War: A Personal Reflection on a Global Tragedy

Sister Rihab Mousa, OP is a member of the St. Catharine of Sienna Dominicans based in Mosul, Iraq. She has lived with the Dominican Sisters in Springfield since 2002 and is a student at Springfield College in Illinois. READ MORE

June, 2006
Children in Iraq: How well they are treated will determine the future of the country. A report by the United Nations NGO Working Group on Iraq. READ MORE

May, 2006
Light in the Midst of Darkness: Iraqi Dominicans Offer Healing and Hope, Roberta Popara. OP (Sinsinawa).

April, 2006: frei Betto, OP: My Dreams for Peace . What would happen if the world followed Isaiah's vision for world peace? Read all about it.

March, 2006: Rihab Mousa, OP How much can people take?
Thoughts on coming home to Mosul, Iraq

February, 2006 Luma Khudher: Dominican Sister's first visit home in 3 years reveals a very different village than she left

January, 2006, Richard Woods, OP, Catholics and Dominicans in Iraq

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The Numbers of Dead
and Wounded Tell the Story
US/Coalition Forces


(as of October 10, 2006)
Source: US Department of Defense

Financial Cost of War in Iraq
Below is a running total of the U.S. taxpayer cost of the Iraq War.
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There Must be Another Way poster (PDF)

Poster Numbers (PDF)

Display the numbers in your window and continue to raise the questions about US presence in Iraq.

Use the statistics here on signs, posters and car windows, to display the human cost of war. Display the numbers. Use this PDF File or Microsoft Word file.

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