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Volume I US Dominican History

Volume I

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Resources for Oral History
prepared by Liesl Orenic
Director of the American Studies Program, Dominican University

Step by Step Guide to Oral History, Judith Moyer, 1999
Carole Garibaldi Rogers,  oral history and women religious
Making Sense of Oral History,” by Linda Shopes  (includes useful bibliography)
Oral History Association
Indiana University, Center for the Study of History and Memory l 
Southern Oral History Program
Minnesota Historical Society
Missouri Valley Historical Conference
Organization of American Historians
Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000
Working-Class Studies Association
Labor and Working-Class Studies Association
American Studies Association
American Studies crossroads
American Catholic Historical Association
State Historical Societies links page
National Women’s History Project
Catholic Studies at DePaul

  • Faith and the Historian: Catholic Perspectives edited by Nick Salvatore
  • Donald A. Ritchie, Doing Oral History: A Practical Guide Oxford Univ. Press, 2003

    Online Resources for Teaching U.S. History
    compiled by Prof. Peggy Thompson, Syracuse University

    Do History    Also includes History Toolkit      
    Guide to Doing Oral History        
    History Matters (US History Survey on the Web)  Also includes “Making Sense of Evidence”   and “Making Sense of Oral History”    
    Internet Archive                      
    Prelinger Film Archive      
    National History Education Clearinghouse     
    H-Net  (History & Social Sciences Online)       
    H-Net Specific Discussion Networks          
    Voice of the Shuttle    
    Access My Library       
    History & Politics Out Loud     
    American Memory (Library of Congress)                       
    National Women’s History Project    


    Women and Social Movements (access through SUMMIT resources at the SU Library Site)
    America History & Life (access through SUMMIT resources at the SU Library Site)


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