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The member congregations and provinces of the Dominican Leadership Conference engage in a broad range of actions and projects that create a more just and peaceful world. Through the Dominican Call to Justice, a document that outlines the issues and concerns we hold in common, Dominican men and women in the US hope for a better world.

Dominicans see the significance of the New Cosmology as the critical lens from which all preaching needs to flow and all justice action should emerge. It is for this reason that our work for justice and peace is situated within the context of care of creation.

The confilct in Iraq and the strife between Israel and Palestine are difficult and perplexing problems. As US citizens, we recognize that our voices are important individually in influencing public policy that can either be a force for peace or a hindrance to peace.

Every congregation and province participates in some aspects of the Dominican Call to Justice document. Some are very active in advocating against the death penalty, others work to stem the tide of human trafficking. Still others are raising their voices to close the School of the Americas, encourage citizens to recognize the impact of Global Warming or invite others to join us in prayer on the September 21st World Day of Prayer for Peace. Many groups are engaged in peace making in several arenas.

We have fostered a relationship with Our Dominican Family in Iraq which has become a source of hope and encouragement for us that underneath the violence, confusion and political chaos the human spirit remains strong. We trust in a better day and continue to be a voice for peace an humanity in Iraq and the region.

Each year at the Annual Meeting, membersof the DLC receive the justice agenda of the North American Promoters of Justice, Peace and Care of Creation,and explore the challenges and strategies of the Dominican Call to justice document.

Member congregations and provinces who engage in Peace and Justice action:

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