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November 6, 2013

Photos of the Week

Dominican Sisters Conference
Elected leaders meet at Weber Center

Weber Center in Adrian, Michigan was the site of a lively gathering of the Annual Assembly of Elected Leaders from the Dominican Sisters Conference Oct. 27–29. “Preaching from the Heart of Earth” was the central theme of this assembly. There were 74 participants from 16 Dominican congregations. Read article by Mary Sue Kennedy, OP.

Photo by Aneesah McNamee, OP

Dominican Young Adults
Organization welcomes Siena Heights Chapter

On Oct. 20, Dominican Young Adults formally recognized the newest chapter of the national organization during a Mass and ceremony in Adrian, Michigan. Students at Siena Heights University, formerly the Sojourn group, join the Guatibiri Chapter in Puerto Rico, the Luz Dominica Chapter in Miami, Florida; the Molloy Chapter on Long Island, New York; and a number of other chapters throughout the United States. They will also enter into a movement of Dominican youth in many countries throughout the world. Read article by Sean Mundy

Collaborative Dominican Novitiate
Five women share experience of becoming Dominican

Five women have begun their initial formation as vowed women religious at the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate (CDN) in St. Louis, Missouri. The CDN experience lasts for 10 months, beginning in August until the end of June. The purpose of the canonical year in the CDN is to provide a quality experience of Dominican community life, prayer, study, ministry, exposure to and practice of preaching skills, and personal growth for the novices. CDN marked its 25th anniversary this year. Meet the 2013–2014 novices

Above from left: Kathy Flynn (Sinsinawa), Anne Knight (Peace), Christina Atienza (San Rafael), Katy Pereira (Springfield), Beata Tiboldi (Peace)

Sinsinawa Dominicans
Leadership team explores Mazzuchelli territory

In anticipation of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Father Samuel Mazzuchelli’s death (1864), in September all six council members set off on a Father Samuel Mazzuchelli pilgrimage to northern Michigan. We wanted to experience first-hand the sites where Father Samuel ministered in the early years of his active ministry (1830–1833). It was our intention to gain a better understanding of his travels and the daily challenges he faced. Read article by Sister Kathleen Phelan, OP

UN Briefing
From food security to food sovereignty

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, approximately one of every eight people go to bed without enough food to eat. Hunger in the world is not attributable to a lack of food, but to a lack of access to food. The food sovereignty movement places those who produce, distribute and consume food at the heart of food systems, rather than markets and agribusiness corporations. Read article by Dominican Volunteer Abby McCrary

What is Earth asking of the Order?
Speak to ‘our duty to live in balance in a finite world’

As Dominicans, we are rooted in contemplative response to the needs of the world. Our preaching is a way of living as well as speaking. We give our unconditional “yes” to the One who brings forth all life, and allow God to empower us to become other “Christs” in the world today. Our ability to live and surrender our lives to the work of God within and around us, requires us to be fully situated in the sufferings of the world, in the sufferings of the Earth community. Read article by Pat Siemen, OP

Adrian Dominicans
Sister honored for contribution to college music department

A recent issue of Providence College Magazine pays special tribute to Sister Gail Himrod, OP, and the difference she has made in the Music Department of Providence College. Retiring as associate professor of music after 38 years, Sister Gail made a difference in the lives of some 2,400 students; was instrumental in adding a music major and music education minor to the college’s program; and helped to bring a Holtkamp organ to the chapel and the Smith Center for the Arts to campus. Read more

Adrian Dominicans
Regina Dominican Convent closing honored with prayer

About 30 Adrian Dominican Sisters gathered for a special prayer service to honor the convent at Regina Dominican High School at its closing and the sisters who had lived there. In the years that the convent was open—1958 to 2013—approximately 160 Adrian Dominican Sisters called it home or were connected through their ministry at the high school. The school, located in Wilmette, Illinois, north of Chicago, remains open and is doing well. Read more

Justice and Peace
Sister Judy's blog: ‘Be a voice for change to end sexism

As an eighth grader, my classmates and I were given a trip through Kentucky’s “Holy Land” as a graduation gift, which included a visit to the Abbey of Gethsemani. As we approached the church, I noticed a sign on the grounds that read, “Warning: Women are not allowed beyond this point under pain of excommunication”… Next, we went into the church and found that women were not allowed to sit in the back of the church on the ground floor; instead, we were escorted to the choir loft… This was my first life lesson in Sexism 101. Read article by Sister Judy Morris, OP (Peace)

Faith and Film
Captain Phillips

“Captain Phillips” is the riveting, true story of an American cargo ship hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia in East Africa in 2009. Tom Hanks plays Richard Phillips, a New Englander who captains the ship when a band of armed pirates comes aboard. Director Paul Greengrass also did a great job with a similar true story, “United 93,” about the hijacking of the jet on 9/11 that crashed in Pennsylvania. Although the audience already knows the outcome, he is able to keep them on the edge of their seats. Read review by Tom Condon, OP

Ministry Opportunities
DASS Executive Director, OPSCC Justice Promoter

The Dominican Association of Secondary Schools (DASS) is seeking to fill the position of executive director. The executive director will be responsible for the successful leadership and management of DASS according to the strategic direction set by the Executive Board. Read more Dominican Sisters in Committed Collaboration (OPSCC) is looking for someone to fill the role of Promoter of Justice. This person will coordinate efforts in justice, peace and integrity of creation among the five participating congregations: Amityville, Blauvelt, Caldwell, Hope and Sparkill. Read more

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Coming Events

Sister finds new beginnings in diagnosis

Sister Mary Frances Willcoxson, OP (Racine) was featured in a recent Milwauke Catholic Herald article, in which she shares her perspective on finding the grace of God in the challenge of living with myasthenia gravis.

Read article

North Country Mission of Hope receives $10,000

Sister Debbie Blow, OP (Hope), whose Plattsburgh, New York-based ministry serves “the poorest of the poor” in Nicaragua, was recently given a helping hand by the Conrad Hilton Foundation. The foundation approved a $10,000 grant to be used for medicine and medical supplies.

Learn more about Mission of Hope

Student brothers release album

A new album, “In Medio Ecclesiae,” the first release from Dominicana Records, features liturgical music sung by the Dominican House of Studies student choir. The album, which was recorded in historic St. Dominic’s Church in Washington, DC, includes Dominican chant, Renaissance polyphony, Eastern chant, and new compositions and arrangements by Fr. James Moore, OP, and Br. Vincent Ferrer Bagan, OP.

Read more

Sister encourages students to advocate for the rights of girls

In October, Sister Margaret Mayce, OP, UN-NGO representative for the Dominican Leadership Conference, spoke to students and faculty at Mount St. Dominic Academy in Caldwell, New Jersey. The academy's International Day of the Girl activities were featured in The Progress newspaper (Bernardsville, New Jersey).

Read more

Monastery offers Christmas cards

The Dominican nuns of Caterina Benincasa Dominican Monastery in New Castle, Delaware, are inviting orders for Christmas cards. Proceeds from the sale from these cards contribute to the nuns’ monthly income.

View catalog (PDF)

From food security to food sovereignty

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