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Prayers for Lent 2007
Week Three

   Prayer for Peace

All:    Lord, God of Peace, help us and
           help all nations to let go of grudges
           and any bitter memories that cloud our vision.

                   (spend some moments in silent prayer)

           Help us heal our broken relationships
           with all humankind and with the earth.

                   (spend some moments in silent prayer)

          Help heal whatever is broken in our lives
          so that we may see beyond our fences
           and our national borders.

                   (spend some moments in silent prayer)

           Help us see beyond these borders so that we may not shut out
          our neighbors near or far.

                   (spend some moments in silent prayer)

           Keep us from labeling people by religion,
           accents, gender, skin color or sexual preference.

                   (spend some moments in silent prayer)

          Let us share the joys and feel the sorrows of our neighbors.
          Help us to love You and our neighbors as we love  ourselves.

  Elise Redmerski, OP

Download this Prayer as a Word document

prepared for the Iraq Coordinating Committee by
Rene Weeks, OP
(Great Bend) and
Ann Marie Rimmer, OP (Caldwell)


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