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Dominican Laity InterProvincial Council Meets

METAIRIE, LA-- From October 19-22, 2006, the Dominican Laity Interprovincial Council (DLIPC), hosted by the Lay Dominicans of the Southern Province and representing the leadership of the North American provinces and vicariate, met at the Cenacle
Retreat Center.

Agenda topics included issues of formation, statutes, apostolate, communications, peace and justice, lay preaching, the 200th Anniversary, and Congress 2007 to meet in Buenas Aires in March. Connie Schoen, OP, spoke with us about Parable and the Secretariat.

Study sessions addressed promotion of peace, justice, and care of creation presented by fr Jeffrey Ott, OP,(St. Martin) and a practicum in lay preaching presented by Normand Laurendeau, OP.

Lighter moments were captured in socializing among the participants and with members of the local chapters and the friars who stopped by, frs Carl Trutter and Marty Gleeson; a concert of jazz and Gospel music by Shirley A. Stewart, OP, of the St. Dominic Chapter in New Orleans, and a visit from hilarious Cajun storyteller Tante Na Na (aka Annette Bourgeois, OP, from the Heart of Jesus Chapter in Lockport, La).
Left to right top: fr John Lydon (Promoter, Southern Province), Bruce Trigo (Moderator, Southern Province), Dorothy Murphy (President,Eastern Province), fr George Matanic (Promoter, Western Province), fr Juan-Diego Brunetta (Promoter, Eastern Province), fr Jerry Stookey (Promoter General, Rome); middle: Cathy Neugebauer (Delegate, Canadian Province); Kamal Zariffa (President, Canadian Province), Normand Laurendeau (Delegate, Central Province), fr Jim Motl (Promoter
Central Province), Ruth Kummer (President, Central Province);
bottom: Dominic Nhan Van Nguyen (President, Vietnamese Vicariate). Doris Stukes (Delegate, Eastern Province and incoming Delegate to the International Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities), Cynthia Donnelly (Delegate, Southern Province), fr Joseph Thien Tran Quang (Promoter,
Vietnamese Vicariate), Karen Woods (President, Western Province)

On Saturday morning, the group toured the Katrina-ravaged areas of New Orleans. The tour provided the clearest understanding of just what happened there, a much greater vision of the loss and devastation than anyone could glean from TV and newspaper
coverage -- much more than anyone thought s/he knew. The realization dawned that the
New Orleans tragedy has fallen a bit below radar for most of us, yet there is still so muchto be done and so much healing to take place. There was a renewal of prayer on the part of everyone who stood in the midst of it.

Photo credit: Dominic Nhan Van Nguyen, OPL.

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