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posted on September 10, 2007

Dominicans Prepare to Wrap the World in Prayer September 21st

September 10, 2007 -- Dominicans across the US and around the world begin their preparation for the International Day of Peace, sponsored by the UN on September 21st. . The international co-promoters are calling for wide participation. Materials and ideas for your local observances are here: READ MORE

Under Siege: Iraq's Christians

As Iraq implodes, Christendom is witnessing the demise of one of its oldest churches. Not since the World War I era -- the last major Western incursion into the Middle East before the present -- has a Middle Eastern Christian community battled extinction. Read this brief but informative overview of of the Chrisitianity in the Middle East. READ MORE

Recovery Slow From Earthquake in Peru

LIMA, PERU -- September 10, 2007 Two weeks after the devastating quake, survivors are huddling in cardboard shelters in desperate, unhygienic conditions, said Doctors Without Borders spokesman Francois Dumont, speaking from the village of Guadalupe. Judith Hilbing, OP (Springfield) gives a first hand report from Lima. READ MORE

McGreal Center Continues Work
on Dominican History in the US

RIVER FOREST, IL , September 10, 2007-- The month of June teemed with activity for Project OPUS and the establishment of the Mary Nona McGreal Center for Dominican Historical Studies at Dominican University. Two major events filled our days: the June 17th –20th meeting of the Southern Team for Volume II and the relocation of all the OPUS documents and secondary resource materials to Dominican University. READ MORE

Springfield Dominicans Respond to Recent Fine Levied Against High-Polluting Plant in Peru

SPRINGFIELD, IL  September 10, 2007-- Peruvians have won what can be called their first important victory in the ongoing struggle  for the health and well-being of the people of La Oroya, Peru, one of the most polluted cities in the world. On Saturday August, 25, Peru’s equivalent to the EPA, fined  the owners of a toxic La Oroya metal smelter, Doe Run Peru,  $234,000.  The smelter is owned by eccentric U.S. businessman Ira Rennert.  READ MORE

Grand Rapids Dominicans and Aquinas College Collaborate to Meet Student Housing Needs

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - September 10, 2007 -- Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters and Associates planned many events to welcome nearly 50 upper class female students from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI who moved into Aquinata Hall  (the former infirmary on the Marywood Motherhouse Campus) the weekend of August 18th/19th. READ MORE

Faith and Film
The Bourne Ultimatum
Jason Bourne is looking for answers in the third part of a thrilling series of action films, which to some suprize as a point other than violence as entertainment. READ MORE

Faith and Film
No End in Sight:

Tom Condon's review of a new documentary on Iraq tracking the Washington insider's who made decisions we all live with now and question. This is not a film for entertaintment, but for learning from mistakes and telling the truth. Dominicans, take note. READ MORE

Parable Ad

Darfur talks set to begin again.

Faith and Hope in New Orleans

Two years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, how are the Dominicans doing? READ MORE

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