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Grand Rapids Dominicans and Aquinas College Collaborate to Meet Student Housing Needs

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - September 10, 2007 -- Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters and Associates planned many events to welcome nearly 50 upper class female students from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI who moved into Aquinata Hall  (the former infirmary on the Marywood Motherhouse Campus) the weekend of August 18th/19th.

Veritas Program at Aquinata Hall is a collaborative project of Aquinas College and the Grand Rapids Dominicans. The Veritas Program offers the young women an intentional community living setting; opportunities for service; a supportive environment for discerning their future life direction; and quiet spaces for study, prayer and reflection.   

As the Veritas Program Mentors, Kathi Sleziak, OP and Mary Donnelly, OP will collaborate with the Resident Advisors and Campus Ministry to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, vocational discernment and exploring the Dominican charisms of prayer, study, community and service.

Aquinata Hall is named after Mother Aquinata Fiegler, the first Prioress General of the Grand Rapids Dominicans


Kathi Sleziak, OP(Grand Rapids)


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