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posted on March 26, 2007

A Dose of Dominican Preaching
New Preaching Website Offers Audio and PodCast Homilies

ST LOUIS, MO -- March 26, 2007--- A new and innovative preaching tool offers a daily homily you can listen to on your computer. The site called the Word ( features Dominican preachers from around the world, making it a truly global Dominican website. The site allows listeners to either use their computers to hear the homily or allows listeners to download the preaching to an iPOD or other MP3 player opening up new possiblities for the preaching mission. READ MORE

ICC Calls for Diplomatic and Political Solutions

Dominicans Mark Start to Fifth Year of War

RIVER FOREST, IL - March 19, 2007---With growing public calls for a withdrawal of military troops, US citizens marked the end of four years of war in Iraq. Dominicans around the US stood in prayer, held vigils, wrote letters and joined the growing clamor for peace. MORE

"The time has come for genuine diplomatic and political solutions in Iraq. " So says the North American Dominican Coordinating Committee on Iraq. "We believe that regional conferences which address the conflicts in the Middle East may open new possibilities for peace in Iraq and we urge the US to participate with a genuine will to achieve peace," they said. READ MORE

Humanitarian Crisis Looming
Dominicans in Geneva push UN Leaders to Address Growing Refugee Problem

Iraq RefugeesGENEVA--March 26, 2007--Dominicans for Justice and Peace and the Dominican Leadership Conference petitioned the United Nations Human Rights Council to address the basic human needs of refugees and displaced people in Iraq and the region. In a statment that called on the international community to act, Dominicans noted that over 2 milliion Iraqis have fled their homeland.

Voices of the Americas
Grand Rapids Dominicans Bring Hope and Healing to Mountain Communities

Chimbote, Peru -- March 26, 2007-- The workday at Centro de Obras Sociales, the Center for Social Works, Chimbote, starts at 7:00 am and ends at 8:00 pm or later Knowing how difficult it is for patients to travel, a staff person cannot say, “come back the next day” unless absolutely necessary. Grand Rapids Dominican Joyce Ann Hertzig, OP returned from a recent visit to Peru and brought back stories of hope and healing. READ MORE

Young Adults Offers New Earth Based Retreat

GOSHEN, NY - A new invitation is being offered to young adults (19-22 years) to attend a retreat experience in the tradition of a vision quest, the ancient Native American traditional rite of passage. Dominican Sr. Margaret Galiardi, OP (Amityville) will lead the retreat. READ MORE

Music of the Spirit

PITTSBURGH, PA March 26, 2007--They told her it couldn't be done. Sister Serafina Viagrande, OP (Columbus) had a dream to some day provide instrumental music education in Catholic elementary schools on a grand scale.... several priests told her it would never work.


Water and Warming in the Mississippi River Basin:
Water resources and the urgent threat of climate change

SINSINAWA, WI - March 26, 2007---Sinsinawa Mound and Clean Wisconsin are jointly hosting a conference, "Water and Warming in the Mississippi River Basin: Water resources and the urgent threat of climate change," on Saturday, April 14, 2007, that will bring together some of the leading global warming experts in the country to examine global warming and the impact that it will have on the Mississippi River and Great Lakes region. READ MORE

Justice Alert
newRead the latest UN Briefings MORE

Special: Weekly Lenten Prayers for Iraq
Prepared for the Iraq Coordinating Committee by Rene Weeks, OP (Great Bend) and Ann Marie Rimmer, OP (Caldwell) READ MORE

Dominican Cluster Congregations Prepare for Decisive Chapters on Reconfiguration

March 26, 2007-
Please continue to remember in your prayers....
Seven Dominican congregations will decide in the next few months whether or not to form a new Dominican entity. MORE

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