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International Co-Promoters for Justice and Peace Call for Participation in September 21st Day of Peace

Dear Friends,

Peace! September 21, the UN International Day of Peace is fast approaching again. Last year, we still remember the various initiatives held in the different parts of the world in a common effort to "Wrap the World in Prayer for Peace". They were many responses to the letter of Fr. Carlos Azpiroz Costa, the Master of the Order (OP) calling to pray and show our commitment for peace in the world especially in the Middle East and particularly in Iraq.

A year later we are still called and challenged to pray and act for peace. We invite you again this year to be united in prayer for peace in Iraq. Please find a mini-Poster and a prayer for peace in Iraq, we have prepared to remind us of this day. Feel free to use it to promote the International Day of Peace.

We have planned an action around the clock for 24 hours. We do hope you will join and post whatever action you are planning to do either within or outside your community. In this way we can see visibly our solidarity as Dominicans and peace promoters during the day all over the world.

May St. Dominic and Catherine guide us on our way to peace !

Toni Harris OP

Prakash Lohale OP

General co-promoters for Justice and Peace.

Santa Sabina, Italy

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