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Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs Observe
International Day of Peace With Two Prayer Services

COLUMBUS, OH-- On September 21, 2006, The first service was held during the day at the congregation's Mohun Health Care Center and focused on the theme "Wrap the World in Prayer for Peace."

Prior to the special service, several staff members assisted some Sister residents in preparing small globes for each resident and staff member. A ribbon with the words "Wrap the world in Prayer for Peace" was attached to each replica of the earth, and labels with the names of resident and staff members were affixed to be sure that each would receive one. Those able to attend the short noontime prayer service in the Chapel received their globes at that time, and following the service the remainder were delivered to those who could not attend. All were encouraged to use the small globe as a reminder to pray for peace in the world and to hold the needs of all people of the Earth in prayer.

Sr. Adrienne Colson, OP, marks the map of the world with Dominican shields signifying the locales where Dominican Sisters minister.
Also in recognition of the International Day of Peace, maps of the various continents were marked with Dominican shields to signify those places in the world where Dominican Sisters minister. Mohun Health Care Center prayed for an end to violence, for the reign of God's justice and peace, and for the ministries of the Dominican family across the globe.

That evening, St. Mary of the Springs held an additional prayer service in their Motherhouse Chapel, inviting Motherhouse residents as well as Sisters, Associates, and staff from throughout the area to attend. A powerful ritual employed water as both a symbol of the common Christian baptism and the source of life for all peoples and all of Creation. Salt was added to symbolize the sorrow and tears of our broken world. The hymn "Healing River of the Spirit" was sung as a prayerful response. Sr. Barbara Kane, OP, preached on Isaiah 57:15-19, and intercessions were prayed on behalf of all the world, particularly those areas plagued by violence and oppression. The assembly left the chapel singing "This is My Song" and feeling empowered to preach God's healing love to all and help bring about peace in the world.:

Sr. Barbara Kane, of St. Mary of the Springs, preached at the evening prayer service observing the International Day of Peace.

Stressballs shaped as globes were used as a prayer symbol, so that individuals could literally "hold the world" in prayer.

Sr. Venard Kessler helps prepare globes for Mohun Health Care Center's observance of the International Day of Peace.

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