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Prayers for Lent 2007
Week Four

Psalm for Peace

As we sift through our dreams,
guide us to the only Dream
that brings peace –
knowing we belong to You.
Give us wisdom and courage to release
all that binds us;
for, to face what is built on
illusion is to find new life.

O Divine Presence, as we surrender
our hearts to You,
teach us to be worthy of trust.
O, that what we think and speak
might be in accord with our
highest aspirations,
that our faces might shine with openness,
reflecting integrity and honesty within,
that we would choose to live in peace
and harmony,
our decisions made in accordance
with Love.
Upon the path of trust, O friends,
we need not judge ourselves or others,
for, as we reverence all life,
the beauty and unity of diversity
will be seen.

Gentle us, O compassionate One, that
we tread the earth lightly and with grace,
spreading peace, goodness, and love,
without harm to any creature.

Psalm 105 – Psalms for Praying by Nan C Merrill


O God, you are Peace.
From you comes Peace.
To you returns Peace.
Revive us with a salutation of Peace
And lead us to your abode of Peace.
                        Islamic Prayer

God of all nations and all people,
God of the frightened and of those in danger,
God of the bold and the courageous,
We pray with our Dominican brothers and sisters in Iraq.
May they feel surrounded by the prayers of their Dominican Family.
Give them the wisdom to know how to live, how to minister,
What word to preach in these days when they are in so much danger
And their country is torn apart by war.
God, our world needs the miracle of peace.
Teach us all to be peacemakers.
We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen


Download this Prayer as a Word document

prepared for the Iraq Coordinating Committee by
Rene Weeks, OP
(Great Bend) and
Ann Marie Rimmer, OP (Caldwell)


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