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Almost 90 million people, 1 out of every 35, are living outside their country of birth due to globalization, the negative impact of free trade, lack of decent work in the home country, health emergencies, poverty, war and discrimination.

Of the million or more people who are trafficked across international borders every year, 70% are women, and 50% are children who are at grave risk of violent treatments and sexual abuse.

Migrant workers are often in situations similar to slavery or forced labor involving increased risk of abuse and exploitation. Those who are undocumented rarely seek justice for fear of expulsion.
Countries are very hesitant to discuss migration and have been very successful in not addressing this issue and delaying any action.

NGO Committee on Migration

The NGO Committee on Migration supports the formation of a PERMANENT FORUM ON MIGRATION ISSUES within the United Nations to include all stakeholders and calls for:

• The ratification by all member states of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and members of their Families.

• The endorsement by all member states of the international labor standards developed by the International labor Organization.

• The engagement of all member states in a collaborative efforts to halt human trafficking and to accept sexual violence and discrimination as a basis for asylum.

• The establishment of networks of citizens and media organizations within and among member states to promote awareness of the plight of migrants and accurate information on the conditions of migrants.

• The formation of national action plans to address the needs of employment in home countries and review labor contracts to ensure the protection of basic human rights.

• The development of strategies by member states to develop programs to assist gender specific integration of migrants into the country of destination and address s discriminatory cultural practices oppressing women.


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