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Three US Dominicans Named
Internet Commission Formed to Connect
International Dominican Order

SANTA SABINA – January 8, 2007-- A new International Commission has been formed to coordinate and promote Dominican uses of information technology in the service of our mission. According to Scott Steinkerchner, OP,(St. Albert) Promoter of the Internet, “We will look at how technology can improve our communication among ourselves as well as how it might be employed more effectively in our apostolates.” He added, We will identify projects that will benefit Dominicans globally and try to find a way to implement them.”

Three US Dominicans are members, including Scott Steinkerchner, OP (St. Albert) Michael O'Rourke, OP (St. Martin) and Dominican Life | USA editor, Anne Lythgoe, OP (DLC/Elkins Park).

Other members of the Commission include: Jorge Chaves (Costa Rica) Jean Druel (Egypt) Enrique Sariego (Costa Rica) Katarina Pajchel (Norway) Jan Frederik Solem (Norway) Martin Bacdenhorst (South Africa) Clara Garcia (Spain) Benjamin Earl (UK) Yves Beriault (Canada) and Chrys McVey, OP (Pakistan) socius for Apostolic Life.

The group will use an online discussion forum to explore ideas and develop projects. A new website just for that purpose has been launched and will serve the other commissions of the Order as well. Some of the current internet topics include: connecting the developing world, an online catalogus (database of friars) a webmasters seminar, digital library and use of Open Source technology, among others. Scott is also developing a new daily audio preaching site for the Order.

In November, Scott Steinkerchner, OP (St. Albert) was appointed General Promoter of the Intenet for the Dominican Order. Scott is on the staff of Aquinas Institute, St. Louis, MO. He holds a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Boston College, a M.A. Theology / M.Div., Aquinas Institute. He has developed websites for a number of Dominican projects including Dominicans for Justice and Peace at the United Nations Office for Human Rights in Geneva working with the Franciscans International. Other sites include Don Goergen's web blog.

Other international Dominican bodies include: Dominican Sisters International (DSI); International Commission of the Nuns; Dominican Volunteers International ( DVI); International Dominican Youth Movement (IDYM); International Promoters of Justice, Peace and Care of of Creation and the International Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities. Editor Named to Internet Commission

Anne Lythgoe, OP, (DLC/Elkins Park) editor of Dominican Life and DLC Communications Coordinator, was named to the Internet Commis-sion for the Order.

Anne holds a MA in Communications from Syracuse University and has been actively engaged in the field of communications for over 20 years. and has been associated with the DLC since 1993. Anne served in leadership for eight years and as DLC President 1999-2000. She also developed and edits the DLC website. Anne serves as a consultant to her congregation for communications projects.

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