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Dominican Volunteers USA Call for Participation

RIVER FOREST, IL March 12, 2007-- Dominican Volunteers, USA (DVUSA) is calling for new participation by congregations and provinces in site placement for the next group of volunteers.

With few exceptions, Dominican volunteers are between 21 and 25 years of age, they hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, and embody a deep commitment to mission and service, particularly among the disadvantaged and with service that actively address social change.  They are drawn to the Dominican Volunteer program because of its unique sharing of the Dominican charism in both ministry and community.  At a recent alumni gathering of Apostolic and Dominican volunteers and sisters, the energy was palpable.  What a tremendous group of dedicated and committed people, who have most clearly experienced the formative nature of this experience and continue to walk in the steps of Sts. Dominic and Catherine.

DVUSA includes 18 sponsoring congregations  and is now recruiting for its seventh program year. New sites  for ministry and community are needed

DVUSA candidates have many different interests and gifts, from worker and immigrant advocacy to education (all levels), health care, outreach with homeless, religious education, and work with people with disabilities.   

According to Tony Butler of the DVUSA office, there are many ways for Dominicans to be involved with the program this coming year.  He asked a number of helpful questions to prospective participating Dominican communities:

Do you know of a Dominican ministry or other connected ministry ---particularly in Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, Houston, or Minneapolis?  DVUSA hopes to place two volunteers or more in each of these locations. Tony said, “We would be most open to a wider variety of placement possibilities.  Please visit for ministry costs and requirements.”

He also noted that volunteers do not usually come with cars – which becomes an issue for placement everywhere that public transportation is not available, and unfortunately in our country, that is most places.  DVUSA is looking for donations of a car that volunteers could use.

DVUSA depends on friends of the program to help with events, fundraising, spiritual direction and mentoring, in-person interviewing, getting the word out about the program, growing into a new area, and more.  

If your congregation or province is not currently sponsoring a Dominican volunteer, please consider participating.   This program is not only a critical process for sharing the Dominican charism, it is also, quite plainly, a lot of fun!  Go to to find out. 

For ideas, comments or questions, contact Regina Botterill, Executive Director, at 708.524.5984 or email her at  Please also visit our website for more information on all of the above at  

Click on the image to meet some current Dominican Volunteers

Monica Pruneau

Laura Boston

Angie Tomes

Paul Wratkowski

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