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New North American Co-Promoter of Justice Named

January 8, 2007-- Chuck Dahm, OP (St. Albert) has recently been named the new North American Co-Promoter of Justice, Peace and Care of Creation. In making the announcement, Dusty Farnan, OP (Adrian) Co-Promoter of Justice and Philippe LeBlanc, OP (Canada) outgoing Co-Promoter said, "We are delighted to welcome him and we are grateful that Chuck accepted to serve in this capacity."

Chuck is presently on a sabbatical and he will begin his ministry as co-promoter after Easter; information will be provided to him via email and phone calls, as needed.

He replaces Philippe LeBlanc, OP (Canada) who has served two terms and who will continue his role as permanent delegate to the Human Rights Council, United Nations, Geneva.

Chuck has been involved in justice work for a number of years. He served as the Central US Promoter for Justice in the1990s in collaboration with Gene Poore, OP (Oxford) . He was also involved with the 8th Day Centre for Justice in Chicago and was founder of the Illinois Corporate Responsibility group. As pastor of St. Pius Parish in Chicago, he was very involved in working with the Hispanic Community. In this respect, he published a book on his experience entitled: Parish Ministry in a Hispanic Community; 2002 (Paulist Press, New York).

"We know that all welcome Chuck and look forward to learning from him and working with him on behalf of Justice," added Dusty and Philippe.

A word of thanks

Philippe LeBlanc, OP (Canada) has faithfully served as the North American Co-Promoter for Justice, Peace and Care of Creation longer than the usual two three-year terms of the office. Even though he concluded his service to the Order in this way, Philippe will continue to serve as the permanent delegate to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva.

Philippe has been a champion for justice and peace and a voice of clarity and compassion. He has served on the Iraq Coordinating Committee and has been to numerous meetings, strategy sessions, conferences and conference calls for the sake of human rights.

Eileen Gannon, OP (NGO Representative to the United Nations//New York said, "Philippe is faithful, good, clear and committed to justice and lives his life out of that commitment. We all owe Philippe a great deal of gratitude."


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