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Kentucky Dominicans present 2006 Catherine of Siena Award

Dominican Associate Carol Blackburn with Janice Vanderhaar (right)

BARDSTOWN, KY - may 29, 2006 -- The Dominican Sisters of St. Catharine, Kentucky, presented the 2006 Catharine of Siena Award to Janice S. Vanderhaar of Memphis, TN on Saturday, April 29 at 2:00 P.M. at the St. Catharine Motherhouse.

The Catherine of Siena award is given to persons of prophetic vision who selflessly and with deep compassion give of themselves without the thought of the promotion of their own self-image. These persons deal with ecclesial issues honestly and courageously, empower the poor and marginalized, and are radically concerned with the ongoing quest for peace and justice.

Janice S. Vanderhaar brings the spirit of Catherine of Siena to our world today. She has been involved with Peace and Justice work since the 1970’s. She is an active member of the International Catholic Peace Movement Pax Christi, and has served on its U.S. National Council and coordinated its Memphis Chapter. She was a founding member of and serves on the board of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence and the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center.

She as authored and co-authored multiple publications over the years, including the booklet, “Philippines: Agony and Hope,” the Advent booklet “The Word Becomes Human So That We Might Become Fully Alive,” and editorials for various newspapers. She participated in many peace demonstrations in places such as the School of the Americas, the Strategic Air Command Base, and the Nevada Test Site. In all of these places she was arrested for her commitment to peace and non-violence.

Professionally, Janice served as a social worker with the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association in Memphis, and remains active in various related arenas.
Janice, along with her husband, Gerard, has spent her life working tirelessly to promote Peace and Justice. Currently, she is organizing the Gerard A. Vanderhaar Symposium at Christian Brothers University; an annual event which she hopes will carry on her husband’s legacy of active non-violence.

The Dominicans of St. Catharine, Kentucky are proud and pleased to recognize Janice’s unique and constant efforts to bring peace and justice to our desperately needy world.


Ashley Smith, Community Relations Coordinator

Catherine of Siena Award

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