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UPDATE: Dominican Life | USA January 7, 2008

We have Family in Kenya
Post-Election Violence Leads to Political Crisis
NAIROBI, KENYA -- January 7, 2008 -- In Kenya, eastern Africa, at least 350 people have been killed and as many as 250,000 people are internally displaced in the subsequent post-election violence, according news sources. Charges of fraud have led to tribal violence and a call for new elections. The Dominican friars have three communities there and the Hawthorne Dominicans operate a hospital for children with cancer. Br. Thomas Odhiambo's uncle, was dragged from his house and beaten to death. READ MORE

We have Family in Kenya
A SPECIAL EYE WITNESS REPORT on Violence in Kenya from the Dominican Friars NAIROBI, KENYA - January 7, 2008-- Vincent Wiseman, OP Student Master and Kevin Kraft, OP Novice Master, report on the conditions and concerns of Dominican friars in Kenya in the wake of extreme violence and tribal conflicts. This SPECIAL REPORT is provided by Dominic Izzo, OP Provincial of St. Joseph Province. READ MORE

Dominicans Join Fact Finding Mission to Syria
FOREST PARK, IL-- From January 11 through 20, Catholic Relief Services will sponsor a group of eight women religious on a trip to visit CRS programs for Iraqi refugees.  The delegation includes Arlene Flaherty, OP, (Blauvelt) of CRS, Toni Harris, OP (Sinsinawa) International Co-Promoter of Justice and Peace and Dusty Farnan, OP (Adrian) North American Co-Promoter of Justice and Peace. READ MORE

First in 791 years
First Cooperator Brother Elected Local Superior
NEW ORLEANS, LA—January 7, 2008 -- The friars of St. Anthony of Padua Priory elected Brother Herman Johnson, 52, as their 20th Prior.  This is the first time in the 791 year history of the Dominican friars that a cooperator brother has been elected a local superior. The election took place in September, 2007 and approval was given in December. READ MORE

DLC Begins Search for New NGO Representative
Forest Park, IL -- January 7, 2008 -- The Dominican Leadership Conference has begun a search process for a new NGO Representative to the United Nations/New York. A staff position of the DLC, the NGO Representative position calls for a dynamic leader, rooted in the preaching mission of the Order and committed to justice in the church, society and the world. Interested candidates can submit their application, resume and photo online. Application deadline is March 1, 2008. READ MORE

Three New Film Reviews:
Enchanted, Atonement and No Country for Old Men: Three themes: coming to terms with choices in the present moment, reconciliing choices made in youth and the dealing with the choices made by other people tie three very diverse films together in Tom Condon's first reviews of the New Year.

New Resources Offer Dominic's Vision to Partners, Co-Workers and Friends
Practicing Dominic's Way is the latest in a series of excellent pamphlets that are perfect for co-workers, ministry partners and others when you want to share the charism. READ MORE

800th Anniversary Jubilee Year Concludes with Epiphany
January 7, 2008--- The celebration of Epiphany on January 6th brings the Jubilee Year of the 800th Anniversary of the Order to a close. This year has included a particular focus on the foundation of the Nuns, not just at Prouille, but in monasteries throughout the Order. Fr. Carlos, Master of the Order, called us to this observation in his letter of April, 2006. Of course, the foundation of the nuns in 1206 was only the beginning of a long and transformative journey that led to the confirmation of the Order with the Bull Religiosam Vitam of December 22,1216.

UN Community Responds to violence in Kenya and Pakistan, be sure to stay up to date with the UN NGO Briefing READ MORE 


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