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posted on November 5, 2007

North American Justice Promoters Push for Action on Coming Israel/Palestine Summit

CHICAGO, IL -- Some time in the fall, President Bush and Secretary of State Condolessa Rice will hold an international meeting dedicated to progress on a peace agreement that would end the conflict between Israelis and the Palestinians and create a viable state of Palestine. The meeting will take place in Annapolis, Maryland. READ MORE

A New History Project Begins at Fanjeaux
For Dominican Women

manuscriptFANJEAUX, FRANCE, November 5, 2007-- Dominican women around the world now have a new home for research and historical study at the birthplace of the Order. Sponsored by Dominican Sisters International (DSI) S.H.O.P. (Sister Historians of the Order of Preachers) is in the process of creating a facility devoted to the history of Dominican women throughout our history.

Belgium's Sr. Barbara Beaumont, OP, leads the project which will offer hospitality to researchers and scholars. READ MORE

Preaching the Just Word: Poverty in a Time of Wealth

CHICAGO,IL _ November 5, 2007-- November brings us to Thanksgiving in a country of enormous wealth and the gap between our nation’s wealth and the world’s poorest nations is growing. How and what do Dominicans preach on this topic? North American Co-Promoter of Justice, fr. Chuck Dahm, OP (St. Albert) offers some introductions for homilies on a difficult subject. READ MORE

Alliance Communities Gather for Tenth Anniversary Celebration

Alliance CelebrationST LOUIS, MO November 5, 2007--  Dominican Sisters and Associates numbering 230 strong, representing the 13 Alliance communities, gathered last weekend here to celebrate ten years of the Dominican Alliance.  The theme of the conference was Collaborating: Dancing the Step; Preaching: Singing the Song; Visioning: Watching the Wind.” READ MORE

Dominicans Hear Teachings of the Dalai Lama

Bloomington, IN -- November 5, 2007 --- His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists, was in Bloomington IN from October 23-27. The opening Interfaith Prayer Service was hosted by St. Paul Catholic Center, staffed by Dominican friars of the Central Province. Dominican friars and sisters from several congregations attended. READ MORE

Houston Dominicans Begin 125th Anniversary Celebration

HOUSTON, TX, November 5, 2007 -- The Dominican Sisters of Houston opened a year-long celebration of the congregation's 125 years in Texas.  Cardinal-designate Daniel N. DiNardo presided at the opening Mass attended by the sisters, clergy and more than 1,000 guests at St. Agnes Academy in Houston on Sept. 30.  


New Book on Murdered Dominican is a Must Read

A Life Poured OutA Life Poured Out: the killing of Dominican Pierre Claverie, the bishop of Oran, and his young Muslim in 1996, was both a symbol and the epitome of the mayhem that had gripped Algeria for several years. Claverie was a leading figure in his country’s search for a peaceful future. In laying down his life for the cause of reconciliation and peace among religions, he belongs in the company of Archbishop Romero, Martin Luther King, and other great witnesses of our time.

Author Jean-Jacques Pérennès, a Dominican priest and economist, lived and worked for ten years with Bishop Claverie in Algeria. He now serves as general secretary of the Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies in Cairo. READ MORE

BONUS: Read an October 16, 2007 interview of Jean-Jacques by Tom Fox of National Catholic Reporter. LINK HERE


ROME (CNS) -- Women religious from around the world have formed a global network to combat human trafficking. MORE

Advent Retreat at Sinsinawa Mound

Dominicans at Marywood sponsor new
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land,
Egypt and The Nile


Faith and Hope in New Orleans

Two years after Hurricane Katrina, how are the Dominicans doing? READ MORE

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