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Partnership for Global Justice
Webcast workshops on global economics, ethics

Webcast workshops Sept. 10 and Oct. 8 will address the current economic crisis through the lens of Christian ethics and principles. These principles will then be applied to issues that are being discussed as part of the economic agenda, including trade, debt, multinational corporations, development and subsidies. There will be an emphasis on bridging the gap between those who live in plenty and those who live in poverty.

As we come to understand our commitment to justice, we realize that there is an economic component tied to each issue. Therefore we need to understand economic principles as we live out our Christian vocation in the modern world and as we enter into dialogue with corporations and government leaders as well as with those who are unemployed and homeless.

The webcasts will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. The cost to connect to the webcast is $20 per session/$40 total. To register, click here.

September 10

Overview of topics:

  • A Brief History of Modern Economics
  • Basic Principles and Definitions of Economics
  • Domestic and International Economics including Bretton Woods Institutions (IMF/World Bank) and World Trade Organization
  • International and Domestic Investments
  • Homelessness and the Marginalized


  • Marci Rossell, PhD. A market economist, Dr. Rossell is the former chief economist for CNBC. She began her career at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and is currently a popular speaker on the economy, financial issues and globalization.
  • Ana Martinez de Luco, CCV, works with the homeless population of New York City. Being homeless herself, she enters into the community of the homeless, and shares the experience of being marginalized.


Sister Lucianne Siers, OP, DMin is the executive director of the Partnership for Global Justice and Co-Promoter of Justice for the Dominicans of North America. She serves as an NGO to the United Nations and organizes education programs that relate to the issues that emerge at the United Nations.

October 8


Amata Miller, IHM, PhD, is an economist specializing in economics of development, economic history and problems of the economically disadvantaged. She is currently professor of economics at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota, and also teaches at Marygrove College, Detroit, Michigan.


Ruthmary Powers, HM, PhD is currently the chair of the board of directors for the Partnership for Global Justice. She has served as president of her congregation, the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, and in various education ministries including superintendent of schools, principal and teacher.

Overview of topics:

  • Economic systems today—a brief review
  • Principles of economic justice
  • Economic globalization and its differential effects
  • Evidences of economic alternatives underway
  • Action roles for social transformation
  • Economic Issues in Light of Social Justice Ethics

If you have any difficulty registering for the webcasts, contact: Martin de Porres Center, Dominican Sisters of Peace, at 614-416-1910, or e-mail dfontana@oppeace.org.

This program is sponsored by the Partnership for Global Justice through a grant from the Hilton Fund for Sisters. The program is hosted by the Martin de Porres Center, a ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

For more information about the Partnership for Global Justice, visit www.partershipforglobaljustice.com.