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Amityville Dominicans
Associates gather on Long Island March 20

On Sunday afternoon, March 20, more than 200 associate women and men and vowed members from congregations of sisters throughout the Long Island area gathered at the motherhouse of the Amityville Dominicans. This gathering has become an annual affair.

Jacqui Ryan, OP (left) and Margaret Mayce, OP

The theme of the afternoon was “Witnessing to the Compassion of God.” The
presentation was given by Margaret Mayce, OP, our Dominican UN-NGO representative, along with Jacqui Ryan, OP, our Dominican sister from New Zealand, who is working with Margaret at the UN and residing with Amityville sisters in Jamaica, New York.

To stir thoughts for discussion the question was asked, “What things in the world news make you turn the page or change the channel? How can we overcome the initial feelings of hopelessness and truly be witnesses to God’s compassionate love for the world?”

Each group of associates brought with them photos and materials of the various
ministries with which their congregations are involved. At the end of their time together all assembled in Chapel to pray Vespers.

Submitted by Margaret Briody, OP, Communications Director, Amityville Dominicans