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Maryknoll Sisters
2010 Jubilarians

85 Years

Elenita Barry, MM

80 Years

Virginia Flagg, MM

75 Years

Miriam Regis Boudreau, MM
Mary McCormick, MM
Mary Cecilia Ruggiero, MM
Antonetta Wilgenbusch, MM

70 Years

Rose Duchesne Debrecht, MM
Margaret Kehoe, MM
Alice Regina McGinn, MM
Agnes McKeirnan, MM
Mary Naab, MM
Dorothy Rubner, MM
Ann Catherine Ryan, MM
Vivian Votruba, MM

60 Years

Joan Chatfield, MM
Dolores Congdon, MM
Patricia Conroy, MM
Nancy Donovan, MM
Rose Lauren Earl, MM
Eileen Franz, MM
Roseann Hanley, MM
Mary Clare Henry, MM
Reina Paz Kalilala, MM
Margaret Kilduff, MM
Jean Maloney, MM
Mary Ellen Manz, MM
Marie May, MM
Rose Christopher McKeegan, MM
Jane Zawadzki, MM
Louise Notaro, MM
Jessie Poynton, MM
Patricia Redmond, MM
Anne Reusch, MM
Patricia Ring, MM
Margaret Smith, MM
Katherine Taepke, MM

50 Years

Luise Ahrens, MM
Patricia Ann Arathuzik, MM
Susan Baldus, MM
Martha Bourne, MM
Nancy Connor, MM
Louise Elling, MM
Maura Flaherty, MM
Margarita Jamias, MM
Anne Marie Kiley, MM
Julia Kubista, MM
Eugenia Lorio, MM
Lelia Mattingly, MM
Maureen Meyer, MM
Joseph Lourdes Nubla, MM
Rae Ann O’Neill, MM
Michelle Reynolds, MM
Eileen Schwenk, MM
Nenita Tapia, MM

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