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Political Instability

Dominicans Lend Support to Family in Honduras

Honduras crowdNovember 13, 2009-- In two separate letters, Dominicans in Brazil and the International Justice Promoters have lent their support and expressed their solidarity with the people of Honduras and Dominicans there.

The political landscape of the country continues to shift even as an agreement for an interim government was approved by opposing parties. Interim Honduran President Roberto Micheletti installed himself as leader of a new unity government which contradicts agreements made in the last few weeks.

As the confusion in the country continues, Dominicans in Latin America, attending the 20th National Justice and Peace Assembly in Brazil sent a letter of support.

Signed by 80 participants, the letter, in part said, "We wish to show our gratitude to you, the Dominican Family in Honduras, for the position you have taken regarding the threats to your peoples’ sovereignty. Your prophetic witness is spiritually nourishing to all of us who believe in the building of the Kingdom of God starting from the poor, for your position takes us out of our comfort zone and points to us the signs of hope which spring from the people. "

In a similar way, the International Dominican Office for Justice and Peace condemned "all violations of human rights by any party involved in this conflict.  We are extremely concerned about the poor and vulnerable who always suffer most in this kind of situation.  We offer our solidarity to all members of our Dominican Family who are struggling to navigate this very difficult reality.  You are in our thoughts and our prayers more than you may realize."

Honduras mapWe support all efforts by our Dominican Family to bring about peace and reconciliation in this complex and volatile political situation.  We urge solidarity with the poor and most vulnerable people of Honduras.  We understand that the resolution of this crisis has significant implications for all the people of Latin America.  Please know that we carry you and the people of Honduras in our hearts."


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