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North American Justice Promoters Urge Dominicans to Action on Behalf of Peace in Gaza

GazaCHICAGO, January 9, 2009-- In response to the outbreak of hostility between Israel and Hamas in Gaza in recent days, the North American Promoters of Justice and Peace are calling on Dominicans to pray for peace and advocate for a permanent ceasefire and return to meaningful negotiations for peace.

Below is the statement from Chuck Dahm, OP  and Dusty Farnan, OP

The North American Dominican Call to Justice of 2006 :
         The economic, humanitarian and violent crisis in the Middle East
         continues to prevent peace in a region where peoples have been
        longing for peace. We will stand in solidarity with our brothers
        and sisters in the region and call for international efforts to bring

We urge our Dominican Brothers and Sisters to continue to pray for a peaceful solution to the violence in Gaza and especially for our Dominican Sisters of the Rosary in East Jerusalem, Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine Mosul, in Bethlehem, Friars at Ecole Biblique and Laity in the region. We encourage you to contact your member of Congress today. Ask your congress member to make a statement about the current crisis, supporting strong U.S. diplomatic leadership, in global partnership  and an immediate comprehensive cease-fire;

  • To end the escalating violence between Israel and Hamas;
  • To provide for a humanitarian situation - including an opening of the border crossings that provides relief for the people of Gaza and meets Israel's security needs; and
  • To develop concrete steps toward a two-state peace agreement - the best hope for long-term stability and security for Israel and the Palestinians.

As Dominicans we lament the tragic loss of life and escalating violence in Gaza and southern Israel over these past fourteen days (December 27, 2008). We are reminded of the U.S. Bishop’s pastoral letter The Challenge of Peace: God’s Promise and Our Response  stating that peacemaking is not an option but is a requirement of our faith.  And that we are called to this by Jesus.
On January 8 Pope Benedict XVI affirmed: "Once again I would repeat that military options are no solution and that violence, wherever it comes from and whatever form it takes, must be firmly condemned. I express my hope that, with the decisive commitment of the international community, the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip will be re-established -- an indispensable condition for restoring acceptable living conditions to the population -- and that negotiation for peace will resume, with the rejection of hatred, acts of provocation and the use of arms."

Bishop Howard J. Hubbard of Albany, Chairman of the Committee on International Justice and Peace of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), wrote to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on December 30, 2008:

“At a time when the attention of Christians is drawn naturally to the birthplace of the Prince of Peace, it is tragic that innocent civilians are once again the victims of armed conflict and a humanitarian crisis.” A ceasefire and humanitarian relief are indispensable initial steps on the road to a two-state solution—a secure Israel living in peace with a viable Palestinian state—with justice and peace for both peoples.”

Chuck Dahm, OP (St.Albert)  and Dusty Farnan, OP (Adrian)
North American Dominican Co-Promoters for Justice and Peace

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