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Dominican Volunteers USA Begin Service with Orientation

MISSION SAN JOSE, CA August 28, 2009 -- With the inviting weather of Fremont, California and the generous hospitality of the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, Dominican Volunteers USA officially welcomed and sent forth the 2009-2010 volunteers.

All fourteen DV’s hailed from different parts of the country bringing with them various skills, experiences, interests, and amounts of luggage! However, they all arrived with common enthusiasm and excitement to discover more about one another, the Dominican pillars and charism, and their community’s and ministry’s. We gathered August 7th – 12th and packed the schedule with all things Dominican.

Anthony Butler started the week off with an introduction to OP history and prayer. Later, the volunteers discovered more about each other through a modified version of the Myers-Briggs personality test; they literally moved around the room to their corresponding traits and shared with their future community members certain habits, likes, and dislikes. This activity was a favorite of the volunteers and truly energized them for the upcoming year.
Another activity that was energizing and inspiring was Sr. Margaret Mayce’s presentation on the United Nations and Dominican’s role within the structure. Several volunteers expressed how interesting and awakening it was to see the “bigger picture” and know that OP’s are working to make a difference on both an individual and large scale.

Sr. Lynn Allvin, OP also gave a refreshing and stimulating presentation on “Mission Experience”. She gave the volunteers a realistic and down-to-earth glimpse into what serving and doing God’s will is. The volunteers came out of the session prepared and excited to minister at their organizations.

Although the schedule was tight, we found an opportunity to explore the Bay Area and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. After a short bus ride and a BART transfer, we made it to San Francisco.  We had a wonderful dinner, explored Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, and rode a trolley part way back to the BART station. The trolley system experienced a malfunction and we were forced to stay in the city a little longer.  No one complained.

The week was also filled with prayer and reflection, not to mention, a wonderful opportunity to celebrate St. Dominic’s Feast Day and witness the First Profession of Sisters Dulce Sarai Aguilar Rodriguez and Mary Han Nguyen. Fr. Roberto Corral, OP generously presided over the commissioning mass and helped to send forth the volunteers.

For some, orientation provided the first introduction to Dominicans, Liturgy of the Hours, community, ministry, and group prayer; however, with the week long experience and the understanding that we walk alongside them, the volunteers left as prepared as possible to go forth “to praise, to bless, and to preach”.

We are truly excited about the fourteen wonderful volunteers and look forward to the year. To read their bio’s and see more pictures from orientation, please visit our web site. Also, join our Facebook group for current updates and to post messages on our wall (search for DVUSA).

DVUSA members take the Domincan value of joy to a new level.

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