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New DVD Available
Immersed In God’s Creation: Catherine of Siena

NEW YORK- April 29, 2009-- The Earth Council of the Dominican congregations in the North East have recently released a new contemporary treatment of Catherine of Siena: Immersed In God’s Creation.

In this beautifully executed and uniquely creative program, viewers are invited into a spiritual journey that reconnects us with Earth through contemplation, meditation and dialogue. Using Catherine’s words and original contemporary paintings and photography, viewers are encouraged to experience her wisdom and deep contemplative spirit. One of the creators, Didi Madden, OP, said of the DVD, "The broad and loving outreach of this 14th century mystic challenges us to engage the issues facing us today, particularly, Earth consciousness."

The DVD is presented in an interactive format format which features the reflections on Catherine and eco-spirituality from members of the Earth Council. Viewers will experience: the silence of a sunrise meditation, Catherine’s philosophy of seeing God in all things, a recounting of the wisdom of Earth as mediated by the four directions, a reflection on the particular blessings associated with East evident in Catherine’s life, and words of encouragement for integrating all of this into one’s spiritual journey. .

The DVD is divided into six segments of approximately ten minutes each, making it ideal for use in personal or communal mediation, and/or in classes, retreats, or communal celebrations.

This DVD can be used, by individuals or groups for prayer, meditation and for conversation about issues facing us today, particularly our emerging sense of Earth consciousness.


An invitation into the life of a remarkable woman, Catherine of Siena, who responded to the challenges of her day.

Dawning Prayer
A meditation focusing on Sunrise, the emergence of the light of the new day, a beautiful reflection exploring the dawn as the universal symbol of hopes and promise. (This section may be played with or without sound)

Catherine of Siena
Recounts the life and theology of Catherine of Siena from prayer and seclusion to immersion into her community, her church, and her world. Catherine's theology brought her to seek truth through love, to contemplate the abyss of God's love, and through her contemplation, to respond to and bring forth possibilities for love in all those she encountered.

Four Directions:

Provides a framework for understanding Earth's journey around the Sun, connecting the Oneness of God in all creation and calling us to rediscover Earth as source of divine unity.
This section follows the Sacred Journey connecting dawn, sunset and the seasons, reawakening in us hope and gratitude as we move through our own journey.

The East:
A reflection offering a parallel of Catherine's' irrepressible confidence with the attributes connected to the East: her fire of love, her belief in infinite possibilities, her offering herself to her Church and the world as an instrument of regeneration.

Closing Reflections:
Invites rediscovery of the connection of Earth, nature and the source of life within us, and how this relationship challenges our faith and our life style, comforting and challenging us with the enormity of divine love.

The Earth Council:
Introduces the Earth Council and the reasons for their coming together to offer the rediscovery of connections with our Judeo-Christian and Dominican traditions and Earth.

This DVD features commentary by:

Margaret Galiardi, OP
Dominican Sister of Amityville

Patricia Daly, OP
Dominican Sister of Caldwell

Didi Madden, OP
Dominican Sister of Blauvelt

Jeanne Goyette, OP
Dominican Sister of Caldwel

Elenrita Purcaro, OP
Dominican Sister of Blauvelt

Viewers Have Said

"This is a wonderful DVD, an ideal tool for formation."

"An Inspiring and challenging tool"

"Good introduction to basic understanding of the four directions"

This DVD is proof that the mystics have known what the new science is telling us."

Released by: The Earth Council of the Dominican congregations
in the North East


link to publisher
Order at: www.Amazon.com

Cost $19.95
time: 65 minutes