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2008 Federation Convocation and
Voice of Hope Meeting

Here are just a few of the comments made by
participants at the April 24-27, 2008


"The minute the music started for the Opening Ritual, the flame in my heart was stirred. What a life giving, flame fanning and energizing experience it was! The entire weekend, but especially the contemplative prayer experiences, the challenging and hope-filled words from the preaching and table discussion, were kindling for my fire." Gloria Switzer, OP Associate Grand Rapids

"Friday morning Mary Ann Wiesemann Mills invited each of us to reflect on and name "what is our passion?" Preaching the search for truth and our Dominican mission quickly came to mind for me. It is my passion. That preaching came to life when Associate Larry Viullemin shared his call from God. What a gift we share as church, people of God." Maggie Hopkins, OP (Sinsinawa)

"Billy Joel has a song We Didn't Start This Fire and although we didn't start the fire - Dominic did - we became the keepers of the flame." Suzanne Richards, OP, Associate Amityville

"In spite of the full agenda - the extended periods of silence during prayer, the magnificent music, choir and preaching all spoke to me of the value and importance of prayer in teh life and work of all Dominicans." Honora Nolty, OP (Amityville)

"My heart was filled with joy and excitement on Thursday
to enter into the energy present in our meeting room. I leave this gathering with a deeper sense of connection and a desire to strengthen that connection. It does not matter where we are from, we all hold the same Dominican Spirit and Charism in our hearts."
Kat Stratton, OP (Adrian Associate)

"We have come to this conference because we yearn to breathe together with the Dominican family and to blow that breath that comes from the Holy spriti upon the coals to enflame justice and peace in our world." Ardeth Platte, OP( Grand Rapids)

"It was hopeful to hear us talk about a reforming of our mission to, for, and with the Church. No longer "teachers" but rather prayerful, reflective communities challening the injustices in the Chruch and civic communities." Adrienne Piennette OP (Adrian)

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