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Switching Sisters

From left: Srs. Beverly Hebel, Esther Szambelan, Mary Marie, Davida Finn, and Rosa Rauth in the dining room at Sinsinawa Mound.

Switching Sisters: Living with Another Community

RACINE, WI - October 27, 2008 -- In an effort to learn more about one another’s community, three Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters recently spent a week at Siena Center, motherhouse of the Racine Dominicans, while three Racine Dominicans stayed at the Sinsinawa Mound for the week. The goal was to have sisters get to know one another and absorb some of each other’s unique Dominican culture and spirit. Though the Dominican Leadership Conference affords community leaders an opportunity to connect, opportunities are growing that  enable sisters within different communities to meet one another.

Switching Sisters

From left: Srs. Joyce Quintana, Vivian Gorman, Dorothy Ann Greiber, Carolus Scaife, Josette Pahl, and Marian Diedrick in St. Dominic's courtyard at the Racine Dominican motherhouse.

Sisters Josette Pahl, Carolus Scaife and Vivian Gorman represented Sinsinawa in the exchange, and Racine Dominican Sisters Esther Szambelan, Davida Finn and Beverly Hebel represented their community.
“It was a very good experience,” reflected S. Beverly. “We do some things differently, but overall, we’re very similar.” S. Vivian agreed, saying "The meaning of being Dominican, including a life of study, prayer, and mission is the same in both places."

Guests in each location were paired with local sisters who served as their hosts. Each host invited her partner to partake in daily activities, meals and prayer with her. “S. Rosa [Rauth] was ‘the tops!’” S. Davida said appreciatively of her host who “anticipated my every need” and who made sure she sat with different sisters for each meal, introducing her to many Sinsinawa sisters.

Sinsinawa hosts took their Racine sisters to area sites of historical significance to their community, such as Benton, WI, where their founder, Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli, is buried, and New Diggings, where he built a church. They also traveled to nearby Dubuque to see the motherhouses of several other religious communities.

The Racine hosts took their Sinsinawa guests to the Eco-Justice Center and the Bethany Apartments domestic abuse shelter, two of their sponsored ministries. "I'm impressed with the undertaking of their HOPES Center," said S. Carolus. The HOPES Center is an outreach ministry begun this month in Racine’s downtown area.

Reflecting on her time spent in Racine, S. Josette said it was time well spent. "I was impressed with their concern, helpfulness, and sharing. We have a lot to gain from one another."

Jean Mullooly
Director of Communications
Dominican Sisters of Racine and

Tricia Buxton
Director of Communmications
Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa


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