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New Orleans Dominicans Evacuate as Hurricane Gustav Makes Landfall

NEW ORLEANS, LA -- September 1, 2008 --In anticipation of the expected landfall of Hurricane Gustav, Dominicans from three congregations and the friars began evacuating New Orleans on Friday. This latest storm comes on the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  

The DLC offices were notified that the Dominican friars, St. Mary's Dominicans and the Eucharistic Missionaries were evacuating the area.  The Adrian Dominicans went to Raeligh, NC, after just dedicating a newly renovated house that will serve as a permanent presence in New Orleans.

Almost the entire population of the city have left for higher ground. Reports on Monday indicate the storm hit landfall 70 miles southwest of the city and water has overtopped the Industrial Canal. Several hundred thousand people are without power.

We pray for all those who have felt the impact of this storm in the Caribbean. Please keep all of the people along the US coast in your prayers. 

Anne Lythgoe, OP

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