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Dominican Groups and Organizations Links |USA
list is strict alphabetic by title

Catherine of Siena Center
Dominican University, River Forest, IL
Contact: Claire Noonan, Director

Collaborative Dominican Novitiate
Contact: Megan McElroy, OP, (Grand Rapids)

Congar Institute for Ministry Development
Contact: Wayne Cavalier, OP, Director

Dominican Alliance

Dominican Associate Directors/Liaisons
Contact: Betty Pate

Dominican Association of Secondary Schools
Contact: Cynthia Thomas, President

Dominican College Preaching Program
Contact: Gina Fleming, OP(Amityville)

Dominican Communicators Network (OPCOMNET)
Aneesah McNamee, OP
DLC Communication and Technology Resource Person

Dominican Ecological Centers

Dominican High School Preaching Program
Contact: Mary Soher, OP (Adrian)

Dominican Institute for the Arts

Dominican Sisters Conference
Contact: Mary Sue Kennedy, OP (Adrian)
Executive Director

Dominican Missionaries
for the Deaf Apostolate

Thomas Coughlin, OP
Prior General

Dominican Volunteers International
Contact: Lucia Fernandez, OP, Director

Dominican Volunteers USA
Contact: Michael Chapuran

Dominican Young Adults
Contact: Gina Fleming, OP

Las Casas: Dominicans in Ministry with Native Americans, Inc.
Contact: Diane Poplawski, OP
President of the Board

McGreal Center For Dominican Historical Studies

Dominican University
River Forest, IL

Janet Welsh, OP (Sinsinawa)

Promoters of Preaching:
Jeanne Wiest, OP (Adrian)

Promoters of Justice:
Lucianne Siers, OP (Grand Rapids) and Chuck Dahm, OP (St. Albert)

NGO Representative to United Nations (New York)
Margaret Mayce, OP

NGO Representative to United Nations (Geneva)

WeHaKee Camp for Girls
Sponsored Ministry of the Sinsinawa Dominicans
Contact Maggie Braun, Director

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