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January 15, 2010

Downloadable Prayer available
Dominicans in Haiti Safe After Earthquake

Haiti CoverPORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI -- January 15, 2010 -- There are a number of Dominicans serving in Haiti, along with many other religious congregations. Reports are that all of the Dominicans are safe, after the devestating earthquake that stuck there January 12th. [This story contains a link to a prayer you can offer for victims.] READ MORE

500 Years in the New World
The First Dominicans in the Americas

Dominican friar, Brian Pierce, O,P wrote a very timely reflection on the
Seeing, Touching and Speaking the Truth: First Dominicans in the Americas, which we offer as a source for prayer and study as we mark the 500th anniversary of that the first group of Spanish Dominican friars arrival on the island of La Española – today Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Sparkill Dominicans Profess Vows in Pakistan

SparkillPAKISTAN - January 15, 2010 - Amid the turmoil and religious intolerance that people suffer in Pakistan, the Dominican preaching charism is courageously lived out. We congratulate three sisters in Pakistan who professed their first vows as Dominican Sisters of Sparkill on January 2, 2010.  READ MORE

Mission San Jose Dominicans
Transformed by the Gospel

FlintridgeLA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, CA - January 15, 2010--Flintridge Sacred Heart Priory has been a sacred gathering place for Dominican Sisters, laity, the people of Saint Bede’s parish and other Congregations for over 75 years. READ MORE

Grand Rapids Dominicans
Sculpture Garden - Finding Quiet Space

Sculpture GardenGRAND RAPIDS, MI - January 15, 2010 -- We often carry with us a deep longing for a quiet space away, where we can see the beauty of the wilderness and listen to the songs of nature--a place of renewal and peace where we can take time out to hear the voice of God in our lives. READ MORE

Conversations for Social Change
Maryknoll Project Named To Top Interfaith
Stories of 2009

Dolores MitchMARYKNOLL, NY -- January 15, 2010 - Which activities and events of 2009 best illustrate the important and hopeful work being done by faith communities working together? Odyssey Networks asked its members this question and a story by Maryknoll's Dolores Mitch ranked in the top ten. READ MORE

Goepsel in ActionGospel in Action

In a departure from reviewing mainstream movies from Hollywood and beyond, film critic, Tom Condon, OP, recommends a production from the Dominican Order, Gospel in Action. READ MORE

Faith and FilmFaith and Film: Avatar, The Princess and the Frog and Up in the Air
Tom Condon, OP (St. Martin) offers his take on three very diverse films. Avatar, The Princess and the Frog and Up in the Air.

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DOWNLOAD a prayer for the people of Haiti and our brothers and sisters (PDF)

Read the most recent reflection from the Iraq Coordinating Committee

Professor Mary Daly, pioneering, brilliant, and controversial feminist theologian, died last week at age 81.

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