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December 18, 2009

Nativity: Père Marie-Alain Couturier (1897-1954) frescoe originally created in the sanctuary of the Dominican Retreat House, Elkins Park, PA. Presently erected in the Academic Center, Dominican House of Studies, Washington, DC.

Christmas Greetings from Around the World

earthDominican Life | USA is pleased to convey Christmas greetings and blessings to you from around the Dominican world. From David Michael Kammler, OP Promoter of the Laity; from Carlos Linera, OP and Toni Harris, OP Co-Promoters of Justice and Maria Fabiola Maya Valzaquez, OP International Coordinator of Dominican Sisters International.

Video Highlights How Dominicans Put the Gospel
into Action

Gospel in ActionSANTA SABINA - November 27, 2009 --The Gospel in Action is a video preaching project in which Dominicans around the world inspire us to greater ministry. View a compelling 25 minute video that tells the story of six brethren involved with the poor in France, Brazil, West Africa. READ MORE

Where Do Dominicans Preach?

Almost every member of the Dominican community has at some point been asked the infamous question: “So, where do Dominicans preach?” For those who attended the 11th annual Dominican High Schools’ Preaching Conference, the answer is automatic: “Where don’t they preach?” 


Dominican in Brazil Threatened Over Work on Land Reform

Dominican Sr. Geralda Magela da Fonseca, OP, 47, (Roman) is under death threat because of her work for Land Reform in Brazil.  She has been ministering in the Jequitinhonha Valley for the last 17 years and was inspired by the ministry of Sr. Dorothy Stang ND de Namur.

Maryknoll Update
Peace Team in Kenya

Kenya Peace TeamKENYA -- December 18, 2009 -- Sister Sia Temu recently in NY reported on the work of the Maryknoll Sisters Peace Team in Kenya. The Sisters on the Team come from Multicultural backgrounds themselves and are committed to engage in  effecting change in society through working with peoples from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. READ MORE

Faith and Film: Precious and Fantastic Mr. Fox

faith and filmTom Condon, OP has reviewed two recent films of vastly different subject matter: Precious, about an obese teenager struggling to deal with her hellish life and Fantastic Mr Fox. Can a stop action film evoke Dominican values? Read Tom's reviews.

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NGO Briefing
Human Rights Watch Report on Violence in Democratic Republic of Congo

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