Meet the Novices

KFrazierKatherine Frazier

Home Town: Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Birthday: June 13

Professional Background: Archeologist/Campus Minister
Fun Fact: I once rode on a pig.

My name is Sr. Katherine Frazier. I was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as the daughter of a pig farmer and a journalist. I went in a different direction than my parents, and I studied archaeology before becoming a campus minister.
I became a candidate for the Adrian Dominican Sisters on August 8th, 2015, and, a year later, I was received as a novice. I have found so many graces on my journey with the Dominican Order, whether meeting my sisters in the Dominican Republic or the students at Dominican high schools from all around the U.S. and beyond at the High School Preaching Conference.
Now, I’m at the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate in St. Louis, and I look forward to all that this year holds. In my spare time, you’ll most likely find me reading a fantasy novel, but you’re also likely to find me writing. I also love to sing, dance, listen to music, and to take long walks.

AGonzalezAna Gonzalez

Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Birthday: August 4

Professional Background: PR/Communication
Fun Fact: My alter ego is a Luchadora

I was born in Mexico City, and throughout my childhood, I was fortunate for the experience of my Mexican heritage and enjoy mi familia. In 1989 the family migrated to the border community of El Paso, Texas, making it my home and the place where I expanded my roots.
I was blessed to attend Loyola University in New Orleans for my Bachelor Degree. It was during this time that I met the Dominican Sisters, and my vocation seed was planted.
After college I worked in Public Relations; and with a pressing need to give back, I volunteered and was active in my community, yet I felt like I was not doing enough.
Through a series of experience and “nudges”, I felt God’s invitation to discern religious life with the Dominican Sisters of Peace.
I loved my experience as a Candidate in New Haven, CT, and I am eager to continue my discernment and grow as a Dominican with my CDN Community.

MUcheMargaret Uche

Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas
Birthday: May 5

Professional Background: Biologist/Nurse
Fun Fact: I enjoy walking and embracing the beauty of God’s creation and love to read.

I am originally from Nigeria, where my parents were crops and flocks farmers. After graduating high school, I came to the United States and pursued my college education. Interested by the sciences, I studied Biology and worked in a testing laboratory, but it was not my life’s passion.
I needed more interaction with other people and felt the need to minister through my work.
I then went back to school and got a bachelor’s of science in Nursing and love my ministry of caring for the sick and suffering.
Through my mission I show God’s love. While ministering, I realized God was calling me to religious life, hence, I was drawn to the charism of the Dominican Sisters of Peace.
In 2014 I was welcomed as a Candidate in New Haven, Connecticut, and this past July I was received as a novice.
I look forward to continuing this journey through the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate and be transformed by God’s grace.