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What's it About?

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Mission Statement

The National “Preaching in Action” Conference
is a venue where college age students explore
Dominican spirituality and preaching.

Vision Statement

The National College “Preaching in Action”
Conference is a collaborative response to our desire
as Dominicans to introduce college students to the
foundations and characteristics of Dominican

We commit ourselves to actively engage students in
prayer, preaching the Word, service, community and
modeling creative ways to make preaching a living
dynamic in their daily lives.

What’s it all about?

It’s about gathering together to discover how each of us is called to preach the Gospel message in our own unique way.

What happens at the Preaching in Action Conference?
Y ou’ll have an opportunity to speak out: In group discussions with new friends. You’ll learn about the Dominican charism of preaching and how that charism can be incorporated into your life.

Through your interests.
An array of speakers representing various congregations and
provinces in the Order, will facilitate an experience of yourself as preacher using the mediums of art, dance, drama and music.

By hearing the Word of God.
You will learn how the Word of God is so vital to the life of all Dominicans and come to know ways you can make that Word come alive.

In prayer and the liturgy.
Using musical talents, gifted voices and individual creativity, you will participate in the preparation of prayer services and liturgies that are a vital part of the conference. This powerful experience can be brought back to your own parishes, campus ministries or any other spiritual gathering.

Move forward boldy.
Awareness of the signs of the times will encourage you to fulfill your own Christian mission of preaching the Good News. You’ll be challenged to do what you have never done before: to preach the “Good News” to others.

Who can attend the Preaching in Action Conference?
Students from Dominican Colleges, or colleges which have a Dominican presence, throughout the United States are eligible to attend the Preaching in Action Conference. The Conference was begun originally when the onnection between the Dominican tradition of preaching and the desire of many students to answer their own call to preach was recognized. Four sophomore or junior students and an adult mentor from each college or university are accepted for this college preaching conference. It is conducted annually at different Dominican college sites.

Conference Cost:
$325 (per student and mentor)

Download this year's brochure here (PDF format)


Speak out!

Be a part of a unique
Dominican Preaching experience.
See for yourself the joy that comes
from making the Word come alive in your life and the lives of others.