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Community Life Among Sisters

One of the greatest values the Dominican Sisters uphold is community. The meaning of community has evolved over the years and today has multiple expressions , but nonetheless we remain connected in a special way through community. In community we find diverse opinions and prayer styles, respect for the individuality and needs of each in light of the common good, and Sisters living in small or large groups, as well as singly. For the Dominican Sisters, community is about relationships and involves direct and loving communication, openness, and flexibility to change. Together we respond to the needs of others and support the preaching of the Gospel.

To see how we celebrate, come to a Jubilee.

To see how we pray, pray with us.

To see how we minister, work with us.

To see how we search for sacred Truth, study with us.

To see how we work for justice, stand with us.

To see how we remember one another, come to a funeral.

To see how we live, COME and SEE!

We Dominicans are worldwide and can say that we have family in Iraq and Peru, in Puerto Rico and Honduras, in Zimbabwe and Zambia . We value relationships with our sisters and brothers around the globe and deepen them through mutual support – visits, telephone or e-mail conversations, sharing educational resources, and friendships. Wherever there is injustice, oppression, or strife, there are Dominicans trying to preach the gospel of justice, love, and peace.

Source: Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs, Columbus, OH


• when one sister is honored, all are honored
• when one suffers, all suffer
• when one is healed, all are healed
• when a sister stands against injustice, she is not alone
• the care we show our sisters reflects our commitment to one another