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Iraq Coordinating Committee
Cranes for Iraq: Art project supports Iraqi sisters

Letter from the Iraq Coordinating Committee to the Dominican Family USA

The summer of 2014, and specifically Aug. 6, saw the mass displacement of our Dominican sisters and brothers along with, Yazidis, Muslims, and other Christians. We cannot forget them in their suffering nor forget to help them in their time of need.

The Iraq Coordinating Committee (ICC) offers the following ways that we can join together in this remembering and support of our family in Iraq.

  1. Adrian Dominican artist Sister Barb Cervenka has created original art to raise funds for the Iraqi Dominicans and their ministries on the web site www.1000cranesforIraq.org. Each 6x6 inch piece displays a crane. We request a $100 donation. The beauty of the art and the concept behind the story of Sadako Sasaki creating 1,000 cranes for peace stands in stark contrast to the ugliness and violence that is occurring. We invite congregations, provinces, and individuals to purchase a crane art piece and display it in connection to the anniversary.

  2. With this letter is a common prayer for use on Aug. 6. An activity connected with the prayer could be to gather with others to fold peace cranes, remembering that origami is a contemplative action. Cranes represent the people who are suffering and the deeds we do to be connected to them and help alleviate the suffering. As Sadako folded hers, she declared, “I will write ‘peace’ on your wings and you will fly all over the world.” www.wikihow.com/Fold-a-Paper-Crane

  3. Peace Cranes include both prayer and action. Please use the postcard and send it (individually or collectively with others from your community) to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, before the Aug. 6 anniversary if possible.

The ICC is also preparing an OpEd piece on the plight of displaced persons and refugees that will be sent to major newspapers. All of the information about this initiative will be posted on the Dominican Sisters’ Conference web site: www.dominicansistersconference.org. Please post on your web sites and social media.

We are inspired by the courage, strength, and witness of our Iraqi
sisters and brothers. May that inspiration encourage us in our response.

The Iraq Coordinating Committee

Jim Barnett, OP
Chuck Dahm, OP
Dusty Farnan, OP
Pat Farrell, OP
Arlene Flaherty, OP
Eileen Gannon, OP
Marcelline Koch, OP
Margaret Mayce, OP
Rick McDowell
Beth Murphy, OP
Roberta Popara, OP
Lucianne Siers, OP
Mary Trotochaud
Richard Woods, OP