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Coming Events

Weber Center
Group facilitation course starts in September

Weber Retreat & Conference Center in Adrian, Michigan, is offering a course on “Skills for Facilitating Groups.” The course encompasses three five-day workshops:

Session 1: Sept. 27-Oct. 1, 2010
Session 2: Oct. 25-29, 2010
Session 3: Dec. 6-10, 2010

Why Take This Course?

For those with experience of Facilitating Groups—the course offers a practical
framework for understanding why some things are effective and others are not.

For those just beginning to work with groups—the course offers the theory and the tools for proceeding with confidence that one knows the basis for assessing need, planning and designing to meet the needs identified.

For both the initiated and the beginner—the course provides the basis from which
understanding, self-confidence andcompetence can grow.

Participants will develop…

  • Practical methods and techniques to assist groups addressing issues and seeking clear outcomes
  • Skills for designing and facilitating workshops and meetings
  • A network of connections with others involved in the same work
  • Increased confidence in themselves as competent, knowledgeable facilitators

Process Facilitation

Process Facilitation provides a set of skills that assists groups to navigate the challenges of change within themselves and within their organizations. Process is the part that is happening within the group. An effective facilitator is knowledgeable of the theory of adult learning and group development and is able to use appropriate tools, methods, and techniques to design activities that will assist the group in understanding its own process.

The practical nature of this three-session course blends the theory of adult learning with the skills and techniques that can operationalize that theory. Participants will become familiar with all aspects of an effective facilitation design. They will understand the place and use of content as well as the elements of good design.

About the Instructor

An educator for over 30 years, Renée Stevens brings 18 years of experience to her work as a process facilitator. She has worked with adult groups throughout
Canada, the United States, Europe, Nicaragua, the West Indies, Brazil, Peru, the Philippines, India, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Her facilitation work has been primarily, but not exclusively, with religious and church groups, school systems, and native groups.

She facilitates major national and international conferences in Canada, the United States, Europe and India for groups ranging in size from eight to 1,200. In addition she facilitates chapters, assemblies, group meetings, and workshops.


Enrollment is limited to 16 participants and will be accepted on a first come basis. Cost is $2,000 for tuition and materials. Room and board is $350 per session; $200 for commuters.

Download brochure

To register, contact Peg O’Flynn, OP, poflynn@adriandominicans.org, 517-266-4015.