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Dominican Sisters of Peace
Sisters join interfaith rally for immigration reform

Sisters Robin Richard, OP (Columbus, Ohio), Susan Leslie, OP, (Chimbote, Peru, missionary) and Regina McCarthy, OP (St. Catharine, Kentucky) model T-shirts they wore to the interfaith rally for immigration reform at the Ohio state capitol on July 21.

About 25 Dominican Sisters of Peace participated in a faith-based rally outside the Ohio state capitol building July 21in an effort to encourage just, humane,
and comprehensive immigration reform. The event was one of dozens nationwide being held in the eight weeks leading up to July 28, when a strict immigration law based on racial profiling is set to go into effect in Arizona. In solidarity with the faith and immigrant communities in Arizona, and in opposition to this law and a wave of states proposing similar legislation, the Dominican Sisters joined in public witness with other Catholics and participants from mainline Protestant, evangelical, Jewish, Sikh, Unitarian Universalist backgrounds, among others.

Dominican Sisters of Peace Councillor Sister Gemma Doll, OP read one of the readings as a representative of the Catholic faith

Sister Gemma Doll, OP, a Councilor for Dominican Sisters of Peace, did one of the readings at the vigil. She and other Dominican sisters present were among those interviewed by members of the press for comment. “It is so important for us as women of the Church and women of peace to be a visible witness to the need for immigration reform and to protest unjust laws like the one taking effect next week in Arizona,” stated Sr. Judy Morris, OP, who works as the Promoter of Justice for the Dominican Sisters of Peace. “We are called to be a voice for the voiceless, and the need for immigration reform is one of the most pressing issues today.”

Recalling that the Catholic Church in the United States has historically been an immigrant church, Sister Judy cited recent Church documents that outline specific reforms needed, including global anti-poverty efforts, expanded opportunities to reunify families, temporary worker programs, and restoration of due process. She notes that measures like the law in Arizona not only unjustly target immigrants, but also distract from these real solutions needed.

The event was organized by Church World Service, a faith-based peace and justice group, as part of a “rolling vigil” across the country. The eight weeks of prayer and
public witness were inspired by Isaiah 58, which teaches that a “true fast” is undertaken in service of “loosening the chains of injustice.” The cross-country events will continue through next week.

Story and photos courtesy of Dominican Sisters of Peace