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Coast to coast
Associates in New York; volunteers in San Francisco

The St. Hyacinth Group at the Church of Notre Dame

The St. Hyacinth Group at the Church of Notre Dame in New York City gathers together every month to help uphold the four pillars of Dominican Life. The group choose to name itself after St. Hyacinth because the parish is served by the Polish Province of the Dominican Order. St. Hyacinth was sent by St. Dominic to preach and establish the Dominican Order in his native land, Poland. He founded communities at Sandomir, Cracow, and at Plocko on the Vistula in Moravia. His missionary work extended through Prussia, Pomerania, and Lithuania; then crossing the Baltic Sea, he preached in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. It was these apostolic travels that earned St. Hyacinth the title “The Apostle of the North.”

Our lay members (Dominican associates) travel from many different parishes in New York and Connecticut. Our studies are led by Fr. Marek Pienkowski, OP, who was for a number of years the Academic Dean in the Dominican House of Studies and now serves as a campus minister for the Columbia University Catholic Ministry. We have been discussing selected encyclicals and other Church documents that help us to prepare for our personal apostolates. Our weekend meetings frequently include brief guest presentations from local Catholic organizations. In October, Sister Margaret Mayce, OP, from the Dominican Leadership Conference described her peace and justice work at the United Nations. We also participate in the regional events organized by the Lay Dominicans. Our group is in the midst of organizing our first public event about the Shroud of Turin during Lent.

We welcome hearing from our fellow members of the Dominican family. Please come as a guest to one of our Sunday meetings during your next visit to New York City. Our next meeting is Sunday, Dec. 19, when we will have Fr. Dominic Izzo, OP, from the Dominican Foundation as our guest.

St. Hyacinth Dominican Group
Church of Notre Dame
405 West 114th Street (near Columbia University)
New York City
Website: www.ndparish.org
E-mail: StHyacinthGroup@gmail.com
Phone: (203) 947-2497

Coordinator: Alex Faiz
Assistant Coordinator: Kinga McKean-Daher

Volunteers at Immaculate Conception Academy

DVUSA invites you to play a quick round of Family Feud! Hands on the buzzer and here’s your question: “If you ask 20-somethings what pops into their mind when they think of San Francisco, what is likely to be in the top five answers?” If you joyously shouted “The once famed TV show, Full House!”, you would be correct and earn the appropriate point value. Congratulations!

Why do I ask you this? Well, its simple. DVUSA has three volunteers placed in San Francisco and it is without doubt they are living in a “full house.” However, you will not find Danny Tanner or Kimmy Gibbler here; rather, a plethora of Mission San Jose sisters who are dedicated to mission and cultivating community. The community is in its second year of hosting volunteers and has opened their arms and home graciously.

The volunteers serve at Immaculate Conception Academy in different positions. Rachel DeBruin has returned for a second year of service and is the corporate work study program coordinator. Kristin Johnson is the school’s marketing and public relations assistant, while Lisa Hayes is a program coordinator. The volunteers also help out whenever and however needed, including helping students get to their work sites and serving as role models for the students. The school is excited to host Dominican volunteers, and boasts of their contributions.

As the “Full House” theme song says, “…everywhere you look there is a face of someone who needs you...” and the volunteers are finding out just how to respond to the need while embracing their community and the Bay area!

For more information about DVUSA and the volunteers, visit www.dvusa.org and remember, we are now accepting applications for the 2011 volunteer year!

Stefanie Flax
Assistant Director
Dominican Volunteers USA
Chicago IL