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Coming Events

Kaleidoscope Summer Retreat
Dominican Life Remembered and Renewed: a Reflection
on the Four Pillars

Kaleidoscope Committee: (back row from left) Teresa Montes Lara, Cathy Arnold, Rebecca Ann Gemma. (front row from left): Martha Carmody, June Fitzgerald, Megan McElroy, Julie Schwab, and Wanda Szymanko

New life is bursting forth throughout creation as we celebrate these Easter days, and the Kaleidoscope Planning Committee invites its members to consider the new life arising in them at this summer’s Kaleidoscope retreat. The members of Kaleidoscope are Dominican Sisters who are either 55 years of age or younger and/or 10 years finally professed or less.

The Kaleidoscope Planning Committee is planning a preached retreat for its members: “Dominican Life Remembered and Renewed: A Reflection on the Four Pillars.” It will be held July 4–11, 2010. Preachers include: Jim Barnett, OP (St. Albert); Denise Glazik, OP (Springfield); Barb Kane, OP (Peace); Teresa Montes Lara (Tacoma), and Megan McElroy, OP (Grand Rapids). Liturgists are June Fitzgerald, OP (Catherine de' Ricci) and Rebecca Ann Gemma, OP (Springfield).

The retreat will be held at the Dominican Retreat Center in McLean, Virginia, not far from Washington, D.C. Cost is $455. Registration deadline is May 15, 2010. Come join sisters who have already registered from Grand Rapids, Sinsinawa, Springfield, and Mission San Jose. For more information, please contact June Fitzgerald, OP or download a copy of the retreat brochure.

Kaleidoscope Standing Committee is a committee of the Dominican Alliance and Dominican Federation whose purpose is threefold:

  1. To promote opportunities for relationship building;
  2. To network, especially for the sake of mission;
  3. To foster leadership.