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Justice after War in Iraq
Coordinating Committee offers flyer, webcasts

Prepared by the Iraq Coordinating Committee, July 2010

Justice for Iraqi Health and Well-Being

Download flyer (PDF format )

U.S. Dominicans who have visited Iraq have seen first hand the struggles of the Iraqi people to maintain their healthcare system. At one time, Iraq’s healthcare system was world class. Decades of war, sanctions and more war have devastated Iraq’s ability to provide needed services throughout the country. Once well educated physicians and medical staff also ensured that the country was up to date in medical technology.

The decade of sanctions and now the years since the 2003 US-led invasion, not only is there a struggle to deliver needed medical services with depleted or out dated technology, physicians are among the many Iraqis who have fled the country because they have been targeted by various insurgency groups.

Among the Iraqi Dominican Sisters (St Catherine of Sienna congregation) studying in the United States, one is working on a master’s in social work with emphasis on early childhood and two are preparing for medical school. Their congregation continues to offer medical services through their maternity hospital in Baghdad and hope to build a general hospital in the Nineveh Province. The Presentation Dominican Sisters continue to provide medical services at their general hospital in Baghdad.

The attempt by the sisters and friars to collaborate in offering counseling services for women in abusive home situations was forced to close because of threats due to the nature of this work.

Renewing Hope, Seeking Justice:

As a Dominican Family we…

Praise We praise you, God, for we are wonderfully made. You created us in your image and gifted us with our bodies in order to serve you in this world.

Bless You have blessed us with growing knowledge to care for the sick and aging; for those in need of physical and mental care.

Preach All peoples have a right to medical care. Iraqis have a right to have their healthcare system renewed and to again take their place among the world medical community to not only learn but to teach as well—to give the kind of care that is their right to receive.

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