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Dominican Sisters Conference
New office location; planning underway for convocation

In October 2009, the Dominican Leadership Conference voted to move toward forming a new organization for Dominican sisters, using a design based on a three-year cycle with opportunities for meetings of elected leadership, a national convocation of sisters and associates, and regional gatherings. In March 2010, the DLC Executive Committee met with the representatives of the Federation of Dominican Sisters USA, inviting them to join in the formation of this new organization. This was affirmed by the Federation. Thus was born the Dominican Sisters Conference. A Coordinating Committee was formed, with three members elected from Federation representatives and three members from the Dominican Leadership Conference, as well as an Executive Director. An Executive Director was hired in June 2010.

The purpose of the Dominican Sisters Conference is to build relationships and to sustain us as we respond to the needs of our times and continue the Holy Preaching. It is our hope that we can also build relationships and engage collaboratively with Dominican sisters around the world, with the friars, laity, nuns, those who have been DLC affiliates, and others to further the Dominican mission.

It was with this purpose in mind that the Dominican Sisters Conference Coordinating Committee met in mid-November in LaGrange Park, Illinois. Members present at this inaugural meeting included Michaela Connolly, OP; Patricia Farrell, OP; Rebecca Ann Gemma, OP; Judith Golden, OP; Mary Virginia Leach, OP; and Rose Celeste O’Connell, OP. Also present were: Carmelita Murphy, OP, facilitator; Mary Sue Kennedy, OP, DSC Executive Director; Margaret Mayce, OP, staff member and Anita Chiapetta, OP, recording secretary.

At this meeting, the committee made some important decisions that we would like the membership to be aware of:

  • The DSC office will be relocated to Mercy Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The new address is: Dominican Sisters Conference, 29000 West Eleven Mile Road, Farmington Hills MI 48336. This re-location will take place the first week of January.
  • The proposed budget was reviewed, and adjustments were made to reduce the deficit.
  • There will be a gathering for elected leaders in Springfield, Illinois, Sept. 30 to Oct. 3, 2011. The planning committee for this gathering includes Sharon Casey, OP; Rebecca Ann Gemma, OP; Joyce Ann Hertzig,OP; Mary Sue Kennedy, OP; and Kathleen Mulcahy, OP. The committee will meet in February.
  • A Convocation of Dominican Sisters and Associates will take place Oct. 4–7, 2012. The planning committee for the convocation includes Judy Brunell, OP; Therese Demers, OP; Kathleen Donnelly, OP; Marie Michelle Hackett, OP; Agnes Johnson, OP; Mary Sue Kennedy, OP; Sally Lowell, OP; and Rose Celeste O’Connell, OP. The location for the convocation has not yet been determined. This committee will meet in April.
  • Regions will be formed in the future and gatherings will be held in the fall of 2013.
  • The next meeting of the Coordinating Committee will be April 25-27, 2011 in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

The Dominican Sisters Conference staff includes Mary Sue Kennedy, OP, Executive Director (full time); Margaret Mayce, OP, NGO representative (full-time); Dana Brantley, Communications Technology Resource Person (part-time) and Susan Oxley, Editor of Dominican Life USA (part-time).

It is the hope of the DSC Coordinating Committee that vowed and associate membership of each of the 20 congregations that are now a part of the Dominican Sisters Conference will be actively involved in this wonderful new endeavor!

A listserve for all DSC members is being developed, and updates will be shared via this listserve. If you would like to contact the Dominican Sisters Conference, please e-mail Mary Sue at sisters@domlife.org.