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Maryknoll Project Named To Top Interfaith Stories of 2009

Dolores MitchMARYKNOLL, NY -- January 15, 2010 - Which activities and events of 2009 best illustrate the important and hopeful work being done by faith communities working together? Odyssey Networks asked its members this question and a story by Maryknoll's Dolores Mitch ranked in the top ten.

Peace Teams in Kenya, which appeared in the December 18, 2009 update of Dominican Life | USA, described the Conversations for Social Change in Africa. Dolores Mitch leads the communmications office in Maryknoll and is a member of the Dominican Communicators' Network.

The members of the Maryknoll Sisters Peace Team in Kenya come from multicultural backgrounds themselves and are committed to effecting change in society through working with peoples from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. In a situation of violence and distrust, they dared to consider the power of relationship.

Why is this story important? Odyssey Networks said, "At a time of increasingly large-scale organizing for social action, this story is a reminder that for people of faith, witness has always begun with courageous individuals in difficult places who live out their truth and seek to respectfully share it with others."

Congratulations to Dolores Mitch and the Maryknoll Sisters Communications Office.

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