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Recovery Efforts Struggle to Take Hold
Dominicans in Haiti Safe After Earthquake

Haiti CoverPORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI -- January 15, 2010 -- There are a number of Dominicans serving in Haiti, along with many other religious congregations. Reports are that all of the Domincans are safe, after the devasting earthquake that stuck there January 12th. The quake flattened much of the city, knocked out the central communication systems, blocked roads, and rendered Haiti's main seaport unusable.

According to Toni Harris, OP (Sinsinawa) of the International Office of Justice and Peace, "Members of the Dominican Family in Haiti include Friars of the Vicariate of Haiti (Toulouse) and Sisters from six congregations (Monteils – France; Missionnaires Adoratrices – Canada; Présentation – Rome;  Délivrande – France; Petites Soeurs - France; Fátima – Puerto Rico).  As of 14 January, we understand that all Dominicans survived the earthquake although some were injured.  As we enter into 2010 – the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Dominicans to this land (Hispañola) – we encourage prayer and financial support by the world-wide Dominican Family for the people of Haiti. 

Donations received will fund both the special 2010 Solidarity Project and the continuing efforts undertaken by Dominicans to rebuild Haiti and address human needs there long after this initial crisis." More details about the Solidarity Project will be made available soon.


Some friars from the St. Martin Province had been travelling in the area and are reported safe, but some family members have not survived. Victor Laroche, OP (St. Martin) reports that his cousin Dominique Boisrond died  after the house where she was staying with her husband collapsed. Her husband escaped but was injured. Victor also repoted that Thelemaque Jean-Baptiste, ex-husband of another cousin died in a building collapse.

Many health care workers and international aid workers are reported killed or missing. Many congregations in the US are making emergency donations to aid in recover efforts.


God of all creation, as we weep with our family in Haiti, console us.
In this time of crisis, open our eyes to look beyond the disaster
to see Christ in our brothers and sisters in Haiti, as Christ sees us.
Be with us as we stand in solidarity with those living and working in Haiti.
Be with us in our mourning and guide our efforts to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, comfort the grieving and stand for justice.
With your mercy, sustain us at this time as we continue to work for peace and justice.

For our Brothers and Sisters in Haiti Affected by the Earthquake

Lord, hear our prayer.
For the Haitian people, that help comes to them quickly and comfort comes to those who hurt.
Lord, hear our prayer.
For the lost or buried, that they are found and reunited with their loved ones.
Lord, hear our prayers.
For the relief workers, that they have the tools they need, the courage and the strength to respond fully.
Lord, hear our prayers.
For the families in Haiti and in the United States who are waiting to hear from loved one, that good news comes to them.
Lord, hear our prayers.
For those whose who have perished, may their souls rest with you, oh Lord, where they will find eternal love.


How to Help:
Donate via phone:       1-877-HELP-CRS
Donate online:             www.crs.org
Write a check:             Catholic Relief Services
                                 P.O. Box 17090
                                 Baltimore, Maryland 21203-7090
Memo portion of check: Haiti Earthquake

How to Help:

2010 Solidarity Project (Dominicans in Haiti)

Catholic Relief Services:      
Donate online:
Write a check:
Catholic Relief Services
P.O. Box 17090
Baltimore, MD 21203-7090
Memo portion of check: Haiti Earthquake

DOWNLOAD a prayer for the people of Haiti and our brothers and sisters (PDF)

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