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Sale of Newburgh Property Approved at General Chapter of the Dominican Sisters of Hope

NEWBURGH – July 10, 2009 -- At their recent General Chapter , the Dominican Sisters of Hope voted to begin negotiations for the sale of their Newburgh Center property to Mount Saint Mary College.

In a report given at the General Chapter on April 14, Sister Catherine McDonnell, OP, Prioress, recalled  a formal assessment done in 2005 which revealed that the current structure of the residential care wing was “inefficient and financially unsustainable. To renovate the building to make it more efficient would be cost-prohibitive.”  In addition, Sister Catherine noted that one of the community’s goals was to “develop a plan for our properties as well as research options for other facilities that will appropriately support our members.”

“The stewardship of our resources calls us to mutuality in our ongoing discernment regarding the ways we live, participate in mission, and care for one another and our world. We recognize the urgent need to address housing issues as they impact our ability to create life-giving communal situations that foster our engagement in mission.” from Co-Creating a Future Full of Hope, Dominican Sisters of Hope Strategic Plan, Spring 2007

The Dominican Sisters of Hope, with the aid of professional consultants, have researched places that not only fit the congregation’s philosophy of holistic health care, but also provide the unique care called for by the growing diversity of health needs.

The Dominican Sisters have been a presence in the Newburgh community since 1883. Mount Saint Mary College was built by the Newburgh Dominicans at that time. The Congregation will continue to maintain a presence in the area through the varied ministries in which they are currently involved.

“The transition to new places has been a difficult one for some sisters and an adventure for others,” notes Sister Donna Brunell, OP, Director of Communications. “The decision to sell a home that has been in the family for many years is not an easy one to make. This has been equally true for the Dominican Sisters, especially those who have spent their whole religious life at the Newburgh Center. I am inspired by the courage our sisters have demonstrated and delighted to hear from those who have already moved about the new friends they have made as well as the opportunities they are finding to minister by their presence and the hope they share.”

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